Clothing industry characteristics and future trend analysis of traditional enterprise road in where

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-22
With the emergence of big data and intelligent manufacturing, comprehensive docking consumers become a possibility, it also makes the domestic garment industry transformation of the Internet is imperative. In the wave of reform, the dongguan hong yu clothing factory conform to the trend, is innovative unceasingly, efforts to innovation, as age. The Jasi & amp; Co brand, in Australia, Europe and the United States and other places has become the darling of the fashion, leading the fashion trend, in the experience economy cold snap last year, but we showed the tenacious vitality. Let us together to analyze the trend of the future and the future of traditional enterprise. One, the domestic garment industry characteristics and the future trend for traditional garment industry is labor intensive and capital intensive industry, for after entering threshold is higher. At the same time, the traditional garment industry production level is low, less well-known brands, high-end brands less. Industry characteristics, industry concentration is not high, vicious competition, brand is numerous, the rules is not clear, the market competition are ordering enough. Second, the limitations of the domestic garment industry lack of original design and trend prediction ability, serious product homogeneity. Three of the Internet, the domestic garment industry from upstream, intelligent manufacturing, reduce costs, make money more effectively. Dongguan hong yu clothing factory now trying to implement. Personalization is & other; Internet + & throughout; One of the important trends. The original enterprise is hard to communicate with consumers, personality needs cannot be met. Now the Internet makes communication easier, can also be efficient personalized production demand.
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