Clothing manufacturers, a women's clothing factory good piece rate, or hourly wages?

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-04
Clothing factory using paid for in different ways, most of the factory is the unit of work done, the biggest benefit of piece rate is easier to manage, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff is relatively, but the biggest malpractice lies in the essence, the quality of the products, efficiency, Delivery) , cost management to frontline staff, products as an employee for empirical work reward, is already out of its essence attribute. Using the benefits of a piece rate system, can improve the staff enthusiasm, improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Because it is work more, the staff completely by their ability to earn wages, so, as long as the work is such a person, usually won't slack off! Second, employees will tend to improve work method, strengthen the labor skills! Can form a strong competitive atmosphere, let employees and employees with one formed between, compare their psychology. Three, make the enterprise spending, plainly relative to the cost control, effective control of the recessive waste. Use the disadvantages of a piece rate system, the staff easy to speak number only, do not speak the quality. Prone to backlash 2 to quality requirement, as long as it is piecework system, there will be uneven phenomenon, contradiction is more, processes is not good, easy to fluctuate. Three, small single bad processing, flower heart is too big, the benefits are very few. Four, every new product launch, had to be taken seriously, the requirement for management personnel to improve a lot. To implement good & quot; Piece rate & quot; This is the key (ten, Dry goods collection) 1, need a proficient in clothing technology, proficient in wages forecast management, accurate and authoritative. This is the first condition, the so-called not diamond, don't embrace China live. Sewing wages of that person, must be informed, must be from a line to do with rich industry experience and professionalism. Degree, high theory accomplishment and strong, as long as no long a line of clothing production operation experience, all is lost. 2, if the clothing enterprise benefits, and high profits, may be appropriately high. If the benefit is so-so, and not too high, but the overall wage a little higher than peers. Because piecework system once formed, then, can actually stay in years of work in clothing enterprises are basically skills strong in some industries, and can play can spell of workers. 3, in a piece of clothing enterprises, low salary is not the most key. Most importantly some low some high, o man, don't suffer from poverty and inequality. Workers the comparison of the heart is very strong, colleague's average wage is three thousand, your piece garment factory workers the minimum wage is ten thousand, the highest salary is twenty thousand. Theory should be no problem, but in fact will be a big fuss. Average wage is very important, even as low as three thousand per head, as long as no too high too low, also will not the wrong! 4, garment workers care about is to get the money after a month of hard work is much. Money is the most real. Some clothing piecework wage system of the enterprise still should strictly abide by the schedule time. When the going to work at work, the work didn't work. A lot of clothing enterprise managers into a myth. They think that it is a piece of the workers, you have done is rich, work more, no pain, you don't go to work on the pass I what matter? If so, that would be wrong. System or the clothing enterprise, loose workers, inevitably bring loose management, lax management, must lead loose quality and service. Not in the end, there will be a chapter, not have. 5, clothing piecework system is not only make a unit price over it as simple as that. As clothing enterprise management, understands piecework system's ills. Is that the wages of a high level of wages makers worked out again there will be a certain height, it is no way to things. Even if you are able to achieve the theory of absolute average, with workers have often not hard-working, have strength size, has a natural movement speed. 6, the clothing piecework wage system, make sure the authority of wages. Many companies appear this kind of circumstance, hire a public, workers, make a noise, management personnel in order to avoid trouble, is a plus. Smart managers will deliberately set low at the beginning, such as workers busy and bargain again, a little bit. Make clothing enterprise management with the vendors. On each new product will have to make a noise, a handle is not good, is a mass strikes. Hong yu clothing manufacturers condole belt dress 7, piece rate, must be open and transparent from the start.
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