Clothing manufacturers' hair material identification

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-21
Clothing manufacturers' hair material identification clothing manufacturer is introduced on the market of wool fabric by animal wool fibers, roughly sheep wool, wool and camel wool and rabbit hair several mountains. With these fiber weaving wool textiles is various. Due to the quality of a material is differ, content is different, feel and effect nature is different also. If the raw material of all kinds of wool fabric has some understanding and recognition, to buy and to achieve the ideal effect is good. The following clothing manufacturers' hair material identification method 1, snow LanMao are common varieties. Snow LanMao originally called shetland wool, because of the name from Britain's Scottish shetland islands. Due to snow LanMao to nap as the main body and with more coarse and kung, MAO, this natural thickness of confounding, formed a unique plump and fluffy snow LanMao fabric, soft and not exquisite, burnish and flexibility good characteristics, has a straightforward style. But, because of the snow LanMao less production, supply, sales on the market of the so-called & quot; The snow blue sweater & quot; In New Zealand half fine wool as raw materials. Some called & quot; Snow LanMao & quot; Sweater, price even less than one hundred yuan, only a few yuan is actually a copy of the pure wool styles of products, some & quot; Snow LanMao & quot; Is by a variety of jealous spun, can only make coarse hair line, the price also cheaper. And with low price, popular with consumers kid MAO, is actually the lambs wool, the feel is coarser, use made of wool. 2, the mountains wool refers to wool shearing and coarse hair to death. General mountain wool body hair is very short, can't spinning, hairs can only make the writing brush, brush and so on, with the exception of mohair. Mohair Angora, made in Turkey Angola province, North America and South Asia and other places, is a kind of high quality wool fibers, the surface is smooth, rarely curl, long and thick, have the strong soft luster like silk, excellent resilience, abrasion resistance and high strength, is ZhiZhi jacquard blanket, the plush, suitable wool cloth, artificial fur and other senior fabric ideal raw materials. Coarse hand-knitted hand woven mohair sweaters, dressed with soft like mist fibers such as silk, constitute a noble, lively and straightforward style of clothing, loved by people. 3, rabbit hair with light, thin, soft, and the characteristics of the warmth retention property is strong, the price is cheap and popular. It is composed of soft fluffy and coarse hair, there are mainly ordinary rabbit and Angora rabbit hair, and in the latter quality is best. Rabbit hair and wool fiber thin difference, special smooth surface, easy to recognize. Because of the low strength of rabbit hair, not easy to separate spinning, so more fibre blended with wool or other, manufacturing into knitwear and ms, cloth and other fabrics.
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