Clothing market changes happening in the tail goods clothing has become hot property

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-16
Since 2012 began to slowly get caught up in the domestic clothing inventory, which is also the year the country has also begun to pop up a lot of tail goods clothing wholesale market, everyone also all around the clothing inventory in the recent years, these words have a lot of people can earn money because of clothing inventory, in a long time ago we here also some people actually do tail goods, are all a pack of a pack of sell good package, but as a reflection of customer is not very good, the complaint is never broken, heard that still more money to, someone is to be the tail goods to buy a car to buy a house, but this is also I always don't want to go to contact, maybe everyone has a different plan, don't follow suit is the better choice. When it comes to a tail goods have the statistics, only 50 domestic listed company inventory amount up to 57 billion dollars, compared to last year increased by 36. 0. 9 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 6. 76%. The personage inside course of study analysis, inventory clothing enterprises account for 5% and 8% of the production is a reasonable level, but at present many inventory clothing brand is more than 30% of production, account for almost one-third of its sales, to inventory goods shop to open more and more became a top priority to end. Went into a tail cargo market, the garment is randomly placed in a large table into a hill, a group of female clients in the selection. This is a clothing wholesale tail goods shop in shenzhen to see. Like this tail goods shop can be seen everywhere in our city. Because of the change of the market, the garment market inventory, plagued by the vast number of manufacturers. When it comes to tail goods commercial house said they were here a lot of people are starting to do now, now, if it's own clothing development the new words if the goods is not good will also become the tail, do the tail goods merchant's pressure will be much smaller, and most merchants tail order was 2 - clothing shop 3 fold, design also is new so to choose those who still is more, some of them are from inland cities. Merchants said clothing business is not good now, and the tail cargo is like momentum is very fierce. Some experts say the dress is in adjustment of industrial structure, market polarization, cheap and fine and high-end luxury clothing, get the welcome of people. Manufacturers should grasp the pulse of the market, make corresponding adjustment, so as not to cause clothing backlog.
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