Clothing market to the online wholesale clothing sales very detrimental to customer

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-18
Supply of goods is the important part we do clothes, if supply good that it is successful 60%, guangzhou clothing wholesale market 13 line and station west market. 13 line is given priority to with young women friends, for Japan and South Korea more sweet style cheap clothes. Overcrowding, walking side by side is 13 lines of norm, especially in the representative building 13 line, narrow space, crowded, bags, constantly choose packaging, there are also some clothing wholesale market as a thriving scene. Customers constantly decrease, and fall, revealed some archives mouths shut and relet, or new store opening, staff basic look in all directions, playing mobile phone to chat, in contrast with crowd scene. In this years we see the word is clear inventory, the garment industry is in the high inventory, cash flow, low consume and become. The textile apparel industry market falls, the inventory backlog, capital chain difficulties is still a major owner, the shackles of clothes and forced many clothing wholesalers, are empty stall rental, etc. , cut spending, stores, etc. , to save costs. Many clothing wholesalers, clothing shop owner's interview, points out that the seemingly booming market, mostly hidden in deep crisis, clothing sales growth, married amount has not improved, clothing market recovery still need to wait. For offline market cost is high, now network clothing wholesale as if suddenly fire up, many companies have started a network model, and also put more energy on the Internet, which is dealing with the offline market is sluggish, and secondly is the network has brought a lot of convenience to customers, a customer in the north, for example, a year long distance, guangzhou, dongguan market and are stationed in this convenient communication take goods, but greatly influenced clothing sales last year, before large quantities of goods have to halve, run the frequency of the market. Many such clothing shop owner to nod, and through all over the country clothing shop owner understands, entity clothing wholesale goods no longer has a considerable advantage, clothing wholesale network platform to replenish onr's stock, save quite a lot of money. Now online clothing wholesalers is also planning a lot of sales activities, a mass text messages and online activities will have to take the goods before customers, the big preferential benefit to the customer, and the online price is very transparent, customers can see the intuitive price directly, no longer endure to store the calculator in the digital age. Online wholesale clothing customers know that the businessman often have discount activity, businesses will not launch other activities on a regular basis, at ordinary times will have to take the quantity of goods to a certain will have preferential, this compared to offline customer satisfaction is greatly improved.
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