Clothing market trend is changing to the future clothing market should be how to change

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-16
Now the clothing market has entered a recession period, under such a flat market, there is always some can't see the big single less at ordinary times, small single variable phenomenon: in the process of visit, many cloth boss said, although it is not very good, but the order quantity on the market are not much less than normal, is only relative, tens of thousands of metres or even hundreds of thousands of meters big become extremely rare, and hundreds of thousands of meters of small single variable. Reason: in addition to weaving enterprise is facing huge inventory pressure, clothing enterprise inventory pressure and no where is small, plus online now rise, people have a higher request for design, price, etc, clothing enterprises could no longer as usual & other; Wayward & throughout; 。 Prediction: the future for large quantity will only have less than before, list & other; Small and more & throughout; The situation will be a new normal. Opportunity: who can adapt to the new norm first, who will be in the clothing market of the future. Production or not to shut down, this is a problem phenomenon: on June 11, some weaving enterprise issued production notice, in a wide circle of friends is forwarded. At present there are many cloth boss also struggling with production or not stop production. Reason: no production, to produce cloth to sell out, even sell is break-even even at a loss in selling, everyone in the cast goods, sometimes sell at a loss also can not delivery, inventory build up day by day, the pressure is growing capital turnover; Must be shut down, on the one hand, workers are gone, once stopped to think hard to start working, on the other hand will give people create the impression of mismanagement affect confidence, not to mention the discontinued hydropower the still have to pay rent, so who also don't want to stop production. Prediction: now many weaving money pressure is very big boss, first of all must be cast goods, but threw the cargo all don't, weaving the future may have more and more enterprises will be shut down. Opportunity: open probability drop may be able to stable price, bring market turnaround.
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