Clothing OEM generation of processing teach you the importance of judgment of flax fabric quality indicators

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-25
We all know that good fabric can make clothes grace many, one of the best summer fabrics & ndash; Flax, has always been popular with European and American upper class d, with return uncut jade to put in the fashion tide, the flax fabric are popular all over the world gradually, so we need in daily life how to judge the quality of linen fabric? Clothing OEM generation of processing small make up to bring two important index judgment of flax fabric quality. Clothing OEM generation of processing - Count, count is refers to a pound of raw material spun out of line with of bobbin, linen & other commonly used on international lea” Imperial count measure, calculation of the flax yarn count to determine the flax yarn quality is very important. The same density, high count of flax fabric is better, because the greater the number means flax fiber is fine, means it is softer, more bright and clean sense; Linen fabric count high another advantage is that designers are more likely to do more complex color combination into fine fibers, with complex and elegant colors bring the enjoyment on the vision. Clothing OEM generation of processing - Clothing OEM generation of processing of origin tell you want to create high-quality flax fabric, fiber raw material quality of a material is a foundation, the home of the flax, of course, become an important factor to measure its quality. France's Normandy Flanders and Belgium have the conditions of the world's most suitable for growing flax, the world's best linen textile mill is located in the northern Italian biella, generally USES in the region of linens brand were happy to sign the information out. With the matching is that very few common flax fabric the origin shows in the commodity on the label, it is necessary to us when buying linen to polish eyes.
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