Clothing OEM manufacturer do you fit in flower dress

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-23
Flower flower dress looks beautiful, but in each person will have different effects. Clothing OEM manufacturer to tell you if not wear well, it is easy to expose your figure defects. Clothing OEM manufacturer to tell you what kind of person is suitable for wearing clothes, and what kind of person to clothes will produce & other; Allergy & throughout; Symptoms. You can on one of the following indicators, a self test. Allergy crowd: straight women figure characteristics: facial features stereo, bridge of the nose, strong, strong movement, look from flank, figure in H shape. Temperament adjectives: atmosphere, modesty, straight, strong, independent, personality independence of women. Straight women flash lies in its independent character, and watching you speak of that kind of a stern look, it is easy to produce a distance with people. Sometimes, rectilinear dressed women seem to be some neutralization, this year blossoms were less likely to dress up in them. Flower design clothes to wear, however, the curve of women wear good-looking than they did. Flat line shape feature determines that they cannot express will take clothes elegant and gentle and lovely romantic charm. Says: clothing OEM manufacturers, according to the color consultant advice rectilinear shape of women should be cautious to wear clothes. However, this does not mean this kind of rectilinear women should never wear clothes. If really like flowers, try and make an issue of the use of flower area. Such as reducing the use of flower, choose only in thy skirts, sleeves, sleeveless top ornament clothes flowers. In addition, rectilinear women wearing striped effect is very good. Suit a crowd: curved shape women's figure characteristics: facial features round, curved eyebrows, a smile, look from flank the figure into S shape. Temperament adjectives: romantic, gentle, elegant, cute, dependent, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Curved shape characteristic of the female is easy to get from feeling on the vision. If you're a painter, for this type of women do sketch, you will find the brush outline of the bending line is much larger than the straight line. This year the popular flower pattern in shape is quite rich fruity line feeling, just foil a curved shape women's graceful and lithe and graceful figure. Some frivolous, have burnish feeling fabric is suitable for made into colorful blouse flower skirt, can properly reflect curved shape women inside story full of feminine flavour. Imagine in the summer sunshine, a breeze flowers dotted skirt, the beauty of the curve, and the fragrance of flowers will bloom in the wind at this instant. Says: clothing OEM manufacturer according to color consultant, the fine floral dress is very suitable for curved shape of women, regardless of whether they are sporadic floral ornament or neat arrangement of broken beautiful cloth, is can reflect the taste of a kind like the girl next door. In addition, some exaggerated gorgeous big flower, the flower pattern or abstract simulation, is very suitable for arms romantic women dream but some naughty curved shape, strong visual result brings a rush of femininity. Who says & other; Throughout its two-tonne &; Is a derogatory term? This is the real beauty of summer.
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