Clothing OEM manufacturer: fiber wool-like profile

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-23
Hong yu clothing as clothing OEM manufacturer, to introduce the fiber wool-like today. Traditional artificial wool fiber, viscose as raw materials of wool-like fabrics, feel is weak, tarnish, lack of crisp feeling. Due to poor elasticity, buckling, appear easily and not easy to fade. Drawn from the fabric yarn strength after the glue water have significantly lower than that of dry, this is a good way to identify glues fabrics. In addition, this kind of wool-like fabrics soaked, thick and hard. With the promotion of science and technology, wool-like product in color, feel and durability also has made great progress, high-tech textile products of continuous innovation, will our world more beautiful. - clothing OEM manufacturer - Pure chemical fiber wool-like fabric with synthetic fiber as main ingredient, commonly make subordinate line with synthetic fibers or evanescent hues, some novel synthetic fiber ( Special wire) As main ingredient, such as LeLi silk, oolong wire, color Liz, a measure of wire, etc. , with appropriate fabric, can be weaved the wool-like fabrics of different thickness. This kind of fabric, cloth have two kinds of bamboo-like depth, natural style. Have the characteristics of natural fiber, natural style. After scientific and reasonable dyeing and finishing treatment, bright color, good gloss, crisp and elastic. Suitable for mass consumption. 1. Half a yarn-dyed: warp or weft yarn dyeing or part. 2. Yarn-dyed: all the have dyed or part of the warp and weft dyed yarn ( Or few color yarn in the fabric with white yarn weaving) 。 3. White weave: without dyed yarn weave cloth & ndash; — Grey cloth. 4. White knitted and woven products more: yarn-dyed yarn after dyeing fastness than white woven dyeing fastness. - clothing OEM manufacturer Hong yu clothing to introduce the fiber wool-like, everyone understand?
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