Clothing OEM manufacturer mainly clothing technology: the basic way of printing

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-23
Clothing OEM manufacturer to overview the basic way of printing, including direct printing and discharge printing and resist printing. One, clothing OEM manufacturer & ndash; Discharge printing discharge printing was conducted by two steps, first step, the fabric dyed a single color, the second step, the design is printed on the fabric. Printing paste contains can destroy the base of the second step of dye bleach, so in this way can produce blue white dot design of cotton print, this process is called white. When bleach blended with dye will not react with it in the same color paste, color can be printed. Therefore, when a suitable color yellow dye and bleach when mixed together, can be printed on the blue fabric yellow dot design. Second, the clothing OEM manufacturer & ndash; Direct printing direct printing is a kind of direct or in white fabric in dyeing on the fabric of printing in advance. The latter is called overprinting. Of course the color of the printing design than the impression deep stain. The most common way of printing is printed directly. If the fabric color is white or mostly white, and printing design from the back look than positive light color, then we can decide it is directly printed fabric ( Note: due to the printing paste penetration is very strong, so for light fabrics to judge not according to this method) 。 If the positive and negative fabric color depth (same Because it is piece dyed) And printing design is more than the base of color is deep, so this is printed fabric. Three, apparel OEM manufacturer & ndash; Resist printing resist printing including two stage process: ( 1) To print on the white fabric can stop or prevent a dye penetration into the fabric of chemicals or waxy resins; ( 2) Piece dyed fabric. Its purpose is to dye the base to foil a white pattern. Pay attention to the result and discharge printing fabric, ways to achieve this result, however, in contrast to the discharge printing. Resist printing method is not common, usually in the base can't discharge under the condition of use. Compared to the large-scale production base, most resist printing is through such as craft or hand printed ( Such as wax resist printing) Methods of implementation. Because the discharge printing and resist printing the same printing effect, so usually by macroscopic observation, often can't identify. Four, clothing OEM manufacturer & ndash; Pigment printing coating instead of dyes to produce calico has very wide, so that began to regard it as an independent way of printing. Pigment printing is printed directly with coating, the process is usually called dry printing, to distinguish it from wet printing ( Or dye printing) 。 By comparing the same piece of fabric printing and printing positions of hardness difference, can be the difference between pigment printing and dye printing. Than pigment printing area without printing area feel somewhat hard, may be more thicker. If fabric is made of the dye printing, the printing and printing positions, there is no obvious differences in hardness. Dark pigment printing compared with light color or light, is likely to feel more rigid, less flexible. When checking a piece of the existence of pigment printing fabric, should make sure to check all colors, because on the same piece of fabric, may also contain dye and coating. White coatings are used in printing, this factor should not be ignored. Pigment printing is the most cheap way of printing, printing production for coating printing is relatively simple, at least the required process, generally do not need to steam and water. Coating has a bright, rich color, can be used for all textile fibers. Their good fastness to light fastness and to dry cleaning, and even claim to be excellent, so it is widely used in decorative fabric, curtain fabric and the fabric to be dry-cleaned. In addition, the coating barely generate large color difference on different batches of fabric, and on the base of coverage when overprinting is also very good. Along with the continuously washed or dry-cleaned, pigment printing will gradually fade, color is more and more weak. This is due to the continuous rotation in the cleaning process and mixing to gradually loss caused by resin adhesive. Generally after 20 & ndash; 30 after cleaning, the prints will appear fade phenomenon obviously. Due to the application of resin and silicone softener in the finishing process for fabric processing, so the color fastness to improve. It is worth noting that the darker than the light color or light to fade. Coating fabric printing areas feel stiff, light color when this is not obvious, when the dark is very outstanding. Coating is not particularly wear-resisting, especially in the dark. Brunet paint should especially avoid used in decorative fabric such as furniture.
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