Clothing OEM manufacturer of small coup clothing washing will not shrink

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-24
Industrial washing machine is washing the sweater, often happen this kind of phenomenon, that is shrunk sweaters, sweater shrink after how to recover? Clothing OEM manufacturer of small tips together. 1, add warm water in the basin, drop into a few drops of families with ammonia water, then immersed sweater, left on the wool soap ingredients will be melted. With both hands and gently stretch shrink part, then flush out to dry. When dry, with the hand first, the prototype, with a hot iron very hot, will return to its original size. 2, as long as the sweater first reflex, adjust its original shape, with spray some water on the sweater. The next step is to share, with his hands in his sweater pull a pull, widening, the other hand, picked up the iron pulled up the part of ironing. And how do knitting clothes washing will not shrink? Clothing OEM manufacturer told you principle is a ready as soon as possible. In general, the detergent in the province, more easy to make the knitting clothes shrink, more so than scour, in order to avoid the knitting clothing has shrunk. A, clean finish sweater, must maintain state of folding his hands hold A sweater after the cleaning, if not cautious and with one hand will brought by the water, is the cause of the serious deformation form A sweater. In the case of don't give sweater extra weight, clothing OEM manufacturer to remind you must hold hands from down to up. B, catharsis sweater and knitwear mainly grasp wash or pressure washing clothing OEM manufacturer told you washed by about 30 degrees of warm water to wash and rinse, wash method is grasped by washing and pressure washing method is given priority to, do not use the way rub. Detergent, can use multi-purpose cleaner, but for more senior sweaters, wool products and popular clothing, with neutral detergent is preferred. To be dehydrated, wool products will be subject to a minute, no absorbent polyester products, subject in under 30 seconds. More important is to wash the clothes as soon as possible after the tile on the board, will the board sideways can make water down the board down, wait until after the water droplets sticks on the hanger to dry. C, polyester sweater and dress will not shrink after washing polyester fiber with water will not deformation, so even with dry cleaning inside, still can do at home. Dress if it is a polyester or nylon products, can add detergent to wash with warm water in the home, don't use hand to twist dry, hung with the hanger let water droplets, in the open air bathrooms dry in the shade. D, shrunk sweaters in the side after spray, adjust the garment shape while ironing shrink sweater in side out, can be in very hot immediately after the good shape spray, open again want to spin, the order of iron.
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