Clothing OEM manufacturer teach you 7 kinds of methods to solve clothes wrinkled

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-24
Clothing OEM manufacturer of small make up today to solve a problem, clothes wrinkled! A lot of people will inevitably encounter clothes wrinkled problem, look not beautiful. Out how wrinkled? Now let small clothing OEM manufacturer tell you 7 kinds of simple and feasible method. 1, clothes wrinkled, of course, the best way is to use iron, on it is ok to deal with the ironing board. If there is no iron, then look at the other methods. 2, travel suitcase of clothes is wrinkly to knit the leach into the water invasion bubble, hang to dry, wrinkled naturally. If the condition does not allow, graphite graphite with the hand, hang a night can be good. 3, the pressure under the mattress. Lazy people except the crepe method first, before you go to bed mattress, wake up clothing has been posted, clothing and submissive and absolute green environmental protection! Class 4, for cotton, wool, can not directly with water, hung up, though, have no wrinkles, but on the other hand will stay on the shoulder position have clothes hanging & quot; Package & quot; Marks, on the other hand, due to the gravity of water, make clothes elasticity to the limit, and for a long period of time limit, makes it easy to spin deformation, the solution is, split them in a sloping flat surface to dry clean, not bibulous, and clothing OEM manufacturer of small make up with a lot of times, tried. 5, clothes wrinkled, no iron if no hurry, one on top of the water leaching, leaching, do not twist after been wash, direct flat to dry. If more anxious to wear, with flat bottom mug ( It is best to metal cups) , to have good thermal conductivity, boiled water, like iron. 6, real silk clothes wrinkled quickly handle silk clothes wet after spraying, into the plastic bag in the fridge, take out the wrinkles in jiuyi in about 10 minutes. 7, slight creases on plastic raincoat to knit a raincoat, it can be on a hanger, make it natural healing. If ruffle tighter, raincoat can be soaked in around 70 ℃ hot water for 2 minutes, take out on the tablet after flattening, then dry the water, can restore smooth, be careful not to pull. Clothing OEM manufacturers to introduce the above content, now don't have to worry about clothes wrinkled?
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