Clothing OEM manufacturer to teach you how to identify quality cheap clothes

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-24
Although Internet age developed but also filled with a lot of cheap clothes, these pictures of beautiful clothes, fine low price also is full of temptation, but wait until you receive can really as beautiful as picture shows? Small make up today clothing OEM manufacturer with experience to tell the difference between the quality of goods! 1, the first is the fabric with pure cotton fleece as an example, the difference between a real good, thick fabric, gram weight, soft and comfortable, and commonly used inferior products is acrylic cotton or polyester/cotton, the inferior fabrics cottony ball, have static electricity is not personal. And cotton-padded clothes, really good goods, materials, both before and after the body and the sleeves are thick filling cotton, and inferior goods maybe before and after the body is with cotton, and the sleeve is empty or two layers of cloth cuffs, neckline is cotton, and the fabric is a layer of gauze. 2, the second is the size of a few new customers to my home take goods, whatever may be the goods first, at the beginning as money is a house of XXX and you cheaper than your home hehe, layman's not enough to make me shake confidence in their products. For an example of the most simple: a dress overall smaller than 2 cm, the entire upper body effect and quality has very big change to the small 2 cm is enough to make cost greatly reduced. 3, again is work and FuLiao tour, for example, there is the difference between their pre-season tour of their pre-season tour of copper iron plastic zippers, different material also determines the cost of the garment. In design, for example: have flat ordinary printing three-dimensional patch glue printing may image design and color is the same but physical adopted different process price nature also different. Embroidery, for example 10000 exquisite embroidery needle embroidery and 8000 degree there is a big difference in the cost price is different. In artificial, for example: the labor of the export goods a pair of trousers is 18 yuan and domestic artificial is 6 wears a pair of trousers. Is it really is 00 RMB foreign economic mind? You get what you pay for the reasonable needless to say, isn't it? 4, is the final version is clothing OEM manufacturers more than bring you to identify the difference between the quality of goods, people learn don't cheat!
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