Clothing OEM manufacturer to tell you that effective sun protection needs to choose color and texture of clothing

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-24
Summer sun block, hard every day to go out to wear what color clothes became a lot of people. Clothing OEM manufacturer told you summer frivolous clothes, if you don't breathe freely, without the effect of uv protection, it is easy to be tan. So, how to find out what is suitable for summer wear clothes, clothing OEM manufacturers think it is not an easy thing. Netizen: red is prevented bask in the supreme clothing OEM manufacturer told you look it seems to be a fire some red hot, can wear red clothes in the summer is the most can prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent bask in color! Science that red light, the longest can absorb the ultraviolet ray in sunshine. In addition to prevent bask in, big red very well balanced with popular and also carry bright effect. Experts advise: want to cool wear points in the dark is better than the deeper the color, the higher the uv protection performance, such as dark blue, navy, dark purple, these are only red, can block most ultraviolet best color, others looked at hot, but himself in the cool. Clothing material design also has exquisite red or dark, achieves the prevent bask in the effect of the function, but some look hot and stuffy. Clothing OEM manufacturer to tell you, therefore, the sun hat, can active atmosphere of transparent sandals, light color add dynamic act the role ofing is tasted, these can play both add fashionable index, and reduce the effect of the deep color of the strong impact of & other; Cool product & throughout; Is also essential. In general, natural fibers such as silk, cotton, hemp, all is the best summer cloth. Among them, the smooth silk is best close skin, high-grade clothes are using silk, with comfortable and beautiful. In addition, look from the fabric appearance and structure, more frivolous fabrics, the larger the pore more cool, but there are some elastic fiber, chemical fiber and spandex, for example, although also has the characteristics of light, a modified chemical fiber, but because it is not so poor permeability, a sweaty clothes will stick in the body, when buying, should pay attention to distinguish. Seems to select the right materials and colors to choose for myself to effective prevent bask in clothes, clothing OEM manufacturers recommended not to blindly buy beautiful prevent bask in clothes oh & hellip; …
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