Clothing OEM poor color fastness should be how to identify jeans?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-28
As is known to all, the jeans has a big weakness is easy to rub off. For ordinary consumers, we need to know is: 1, rub off jeans is difficult to avoid defects. 2, poor dye staining to the skin may cause irritation to skin diseases. 3, salt water soak jeans fixation effect. Solid color need according to the performance of the dyes used industrial salt, alkali, reducing agent and in certain conditions, such as the process is complete. What is the color fastness fastness is refers to the color of the printing and dyeing of textiles in the process of using or resistance to various environmental factors. Color fastness to common project are soaping and rubbing resistance, resistance to water, perspiration and saliva, light, etc. Level in addition to the fastness to light and weather fastness in dyeing fastness by changing the system, generally adopts five system, namely, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Add one and a half in every two class level class, 4 - namely 5, 3 - 4, 2 - 3, 1 2. The greater the series said fastness, the better. Color fastness to the harm of unqualified color fastness to unqualified affect not only beautiful and the applicability of the wear, and poor color fastness of the product in the process of wearing, the dyes on the fabirc is easy to fall off, the harmful material can be absorbed by human body through the skin, serious when touching part that makes the person feels clothes and skin itching, and erythema, papules, etc. , cause harm to human body. Can effectively reflect the jeans rub fastness project is the fastness to soaping and rubbing. The fastness to soaping fastness to soaping is examination of textile clothing after washing liquid effect color retention. Bleaching mechanism of how to enhance the soaping fastness is divided into three types: one is the dye and fiber combined with key faulting; Second, the water and detergent effect on the dissolution of the dyes on the fabric; Three is the oscillation in the process of washing, rubbing, etc mechanical action. Although different fiber raw material use different dyes and dyeing and printing process, but the problem is roughly similar, mainly on floating color and color transfer caused by the fiber particles. The pros and cons of visible soaping fastness and dyestuff structure, and the strength of the fiber combined with key, dyeing and finishing process are closely related. , therefore, to improve the resistance to soaping fastness is not only reasonable choice dye, choose suitable dyeing process. Appropriate to strengthen water, solid color, soaping can significantly improve the fastness to soaping. Rubbing color fastness to rubbing fastness is refers to the degree of dyed fabric after friction rub off, is divided into dry friction resistance and wet rubbing fastness. If the jeans of the fastness to dry friction is lower than the level 3, means its serious rub off. Improve rubbing fastness of thinking: 1, choose high quality dye. In general, the dye particles or molecular weight big, easily lead to poor rubbing fastness. 2, avoid saturated dyeing, dyeing concentration often affect the rubbing fastness, dye concentration is high, the floating color more, rubbing fastness is poorer. 3, fully wash ( Reduction of net washing) 。 4, scouring fully before dyeing. Rubbing fastness and dyeing process has a close relationship. Dye penetrant even, and fiber with good, clean surface floating color, rubbing fastness can be improved.
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