Clothing orders, how to find on garment factory in dongguan?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-29
If you are familiar with the manufacturing process and the way is not, can only step wrong, the wrong step by step! Small make up for everybody introduced related processes, let everyone know how to find a garment factory of dongguan. Foreign trade clothing factory new spring and summer 2019 sexy V collar strap positioning printed dress styles, find template cuhk, line 13, shahe these large wholesale market, such as buy version not only attracted many of his peers, also can attract the retail chain to buy version, of course, some small factory designer to buy, because the trend is to go with the flow, the popular trend of follow suit now. Proposal with the growing of consumer demand, better to find some designers design plate. Antenatal preparation: looking for fabric and accessories to buy template directly take clothes to find suits own fabirc zhongda textile city, if you want to find the same fabirc is difficult, because it looks a kind of fabrics have N a variety of ingredients, so the general recommendation for the similar fabric is ok. Introduced the fabric market is KeQiao and cuhk is more, is not convenient to go to the market directly, can get directly to find the fabric. Now engaged in generation looking for a lot of fabric. The next step is to find processing factory after finding fabirc. Foreign trade clothing factory new spring and summer 2019 purple waist wave points, dress production process: after looking for factory to find the fabric, we can find a processing fee suitable plants and their cooperation, generally has two kinds of cooperation mode with processing plants: 1, the contractor package material - As long as you provide design, processing plants can help you find the fabric, play version, the production, you only need to responsible for receiving and tracking the production process. This model generally need to pay 30% to about 40% down payment to factory, factory, after all, need to buy raw materials. Balance payment can be paid on delivery. 2, the contractor is not package material - - This cooperation pattern is more troublesome, but to save money, after all you call factory to buy fabrics, factory invest time and effort to find, in terms of fabric must be profitable. Do you want to buy good fabrics, looking for a good design, fleas, factory only responsible for help you put the clothes into.
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