Clothing people sad, understand the clothing together ~ 4 thing to understand

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-22
1. With is very important for good express meaning sources is very important, if the goods wholesalers often appear quality problem, or can't fill the replenishment, or give you the price is quite high, are you sure can't make money, that is to change the express. With a good on later choose goods all need not too attention, on what goods you take what line, even can make the last shipment directly, with the brand to join the same. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Leakage shoulder stripes wide-legged pants suit 2. Love showed people can't make money doing must be very successful energy, courageous, dare to investment, showed the shopkeeper is easy to attract love showed the guests, the guest must be let you earn money, also full of gas. You are what kind of the shopkeeper will encounter what kind of customers, it is false. 3. Clothing should have good mentality the moment decided to do the clothing, to hold long term learning mentality, don't expect overnight. No experience, who started the first batch of goods is messy, the goods is very normal matter, don't mind too much, a little bit of progress every time as long as the new capital. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Lapel organza stitching bud silk dress is 4. No regular flow, is can't earn money if by doing guest, do the clothing will be dead tired. So hard point is normal at the beginning, you have accumulated enough customer resources, avoid making money is difficult. To retain customers, quality is fundamental, service attitude is the core. So many cheap clothing store to do more and more tired, some turned to do high-grade, have completely given up.
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