Clothing pricing strategy and sales model of e-commerce is becoming more and more transparent

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-04
E-commerce development still has many years of time, and our customers care about is what the commodity pricing, price is, after all, is closely related with them, the electronic commerce now pricing is not in a layer of the same as before, all is the use of dynamic pricing strategy, before we can a product after the release of a quarter don't control it, so that will have customers to order, now I found that if no activity or benefits, rarely cause customer interest, like our clothing wholesale online clothing, the general customers to ask the price and discount? Quantity discount how much, and is the main bag mail? I want to say if the retail package mail is can have, the price is the freight also contains inside, like we do clothing wholesale, of course, also can pack mail, but must have the amount, if you have more than 20 pieces to pack mail, that we might have no profit at all, so it has no meaning. Of course, we will also hold some activities on a regular basis, hope everybody can pay more attention to our hong yu costumes, clothing season is coming now, you also want to order a lot. Now the price of clothing on the Internet just like a mirror of the transparent, we can be very intuitive view to each clothing prices, so for some businesses, can put the clothing fabrics do much worse, reduce the cost for the customer to choose in their stock, and if the single from the price level to consider the customer really will choose such businesses, we also have customer asked this question, we also have customer talked about with the price is cheap, but in return the wrong goods version or is less than line is not in the minority, so our customers purchase also have do many considerations was determined to place an order, anyway, we are clothing prices for every customer are the same, reaches a certain level of quantity discount, I think a garment fabric and the cost is about how much our customers in the mind all should be there, but sometimes just can't grasp the degrees would let the crooks have loopholes. Pricing to clothing in fact there are many other factors in it, we must consider is in operating costs, we do clothing wholesale website is to operating expenses of different level, should ask professional personnel on site regularly detection, also ensure the safety of site so as to ensure the security of our customers' property, and is now our electricity are developing, so we should strengthen the function of website development, website software upgrades development spending is to assure the safety of online exchanges must be put into the research and development costs. We don't like others to choose different price consumers browse interface; Or the enterprise product price are divided into different areas, according to its purchasing power of consumers to choose a different price. All our garments are divided according to different seasons of different types of, see every customer are the same price, not eucalyptus class to divide. This way also to let the consumer can be from more ways to get to know our product, also can be directly and other people's products and pricing for a comparison, we also welcome customer comparison and then to take goods wholesale, now users can understand the way of product information more and more, we also can let customers to choose.
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