Clothing shop will be used to save cost and can improve traffic way

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-02
Do online activities to promote we all know, some what double tenth a such big events, for example, many businesses will spell the life on, but do shop or some type of activity not to do, may be said to do activities also have a strategy also should have a degree, if not a degree which in the end we have but to make money while shipments may not be yourself, take shuangshi way instance, the day's trading record high every year, many businessmen in this session can turnover exceeding RMB one hundred million, the only benefit only taobao in the myth. Because a lot of activity fee, advertising fee, technical services, such as income for taobao, merchants and removing the activity cost would still face bleeding discount cost half fold. Cost with electricity are not necessarily in the 'double a' profit, but not to participate in a 'double' could also get more traffic, stimulating the growth of the enterprise, a lot of people are trying to campaign to create awareness for a brand. We will settle accounts is corporate profits is not to say that you have how many transactions can get relative profits, but also get rid of the cost of advertising, really into the pocket and how much, only when you know, the promotion to do exactly how should do? Do have a han edition dress enterprise although they also have a shop in Tmall, but in a double tenth they didn't put any ads, and the enterprise is now living well, and performance is 2 - Three times the growth rate, and is expected to soon will set up shop in offline oh, he is also from taobao brand women's clothing store. May set up shop a lot of people will think I opened a shop if there is no bid to do the promotion, it could shop won't someone know, but it is not necessarily so. It is most is how to do? The han edition dress shop is in the mid to late September, entered against promotion stage, on part of the new product. Taobao in October and all kinds of portal sites covered with their house, big and small advertising, entered the preparation period ahead of time. This high cost performance, cost is relatively low, the effect is extremely highlights - — Every day in taobao first page position have two large image advertising, to pay attention to are also difficult. Brand and product spread out, as long as the point on the eve of a double tenth ignition can, for example, send a text message to customers and send a public announcement, outside the taobao do small ads, pour into a portion of the external flow. Taobao double tenth import a lot of users, not to take part in activities of businesses should also share their activities. Form is free to control such activity, don't damage cost at half price. Introduce some external traffic, or moderate buy some advertising pages could be achieved. For merchants took part in the double tenth event in, can't completely dependent on taobao, also should use some means to activate the old customers and attract new traffic. Such as text, announcement, rinsing external application for promotion, such as microblogging marketing. Avoid orgasms, saves cost, and increase the revenue, is the smart move. Save cost can't solve the fundamental problem, half price discount is the fatal injury. Short term half price discount to profit is greatly compressed, the battle is almost the game of shuttlecocks, can achieve balance is good, it is said that Tmall big sellers would encounter such an embarrassment. The long term a lot of goods at half price will damage the brand image. Recommend electricity to match goods make activity patterns. Shops in the part of the commodity price to participate in activities, some of the commodity price for sale. In addition during the activity, not on all the new products. During the activity, on part of the product; Activities on again after the rest of the product. There will be constant purchasing power, and to reduce the damage of preferential activities on the brand to lower.
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