Clothing stock how to find his own way

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-27
Are many stock in their peripheral or clothing wholesale market, is the city that if everyone is going to the same place with the words, unavoidably get style has a lot of repetition, prices are almost everyone is so difficult to do business. Because there are a lot of people think we take goods don't need further, in close up than the distance with the relaxed a lot, may is indeed the same, will be a lot easier in close quarters, but the supply of goods are the same people how differentiation? Like a customer report they where cargo is about the same, and their own shops in such cases, the local likely to survive have problem, so I started to distance themselves to find goods, so to make their own stores is different with others, she found many said their side of the goods are in the city of wholesale markets, clothing selling prices are low, we didn't how much profit, so someone to far place to replenish onr's stock, the other people all with different goods dry out point, so oneself also want to find some goods back to have a try. Guests from outside the store after receiving a batch after batch of an endless stream, many are attracted by the beautiful decoration, but may also just testing the waters some style is not so accurate, every day can only do the turnover of thousands of yuan, did not lose money because of lower shop rent, she said, according to the traffic of after opening, the water can reach thousands of dollars a day. She knew she had to constantly to make themselves more understand replenish onr's stock, she shop guests in the majority with women over the age of 30, most of them like recreational style, believe that the end of the knot yourself the next order would be more comfortable. Clothing store operators in stock when they face all kinds of confusion, such as is the design of the choose their preferences, stick to their own taste, should choose a more fashionable goods? Is a certain style to sell to wholesalers advice, or just pick your favorite color? Is in the wholesale market near the replenish onr's stock, or to the field seems to be more famous wholesale market? These questions and times test for the store of investors. But the problem is always a solution, so we don't change, it is only to be eliminated, only adapted to the local customer's taste, to store it do more.
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