Clothing store display store decoration and lighting effects can upgrade the clothing

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-15
Many of us may have encountered such a problem, is what we see when buying clothes in the clothing store is very good-looking, the individual is at a glance took a fancy to this clothes, no matter from the version of the type or model of upper body effect is very satisfied, but after their home wear in the body but not in the effect of clothing store, and may not reflect its own characteristics. And this problem when I was shopping for clothes also have met, but has been unanswered, until today just know originally is like this. Next to you a good answer on this reason, of course when shopping for clothes can try or try as far as possible, or still don't know whether I really suits you. Today just know originally clothing store or in the clothing wholesale market stalls, the inside of the garment looks is very good-looking, how see all feel very beautiful, but their clothing wholesale back or is not that kind of feeling in the home, this is due to some of our clothing wholesale archives mouths to decorate very in place, and the effect of light is also very appropriate, so by the clothes effect displayed the illuminate of lamplight, of course, more beautiful, so in the clothing display to use lighting effects to match the dress. , of course, this is the secret of a lot of people probably don't know, we have a lot of people when doing the clothing is the simple decoration, shop began to shop goods shelves, of course, there are some stores decorate very in place, even an ordinary clothes get inside identity can be doubled, and we still have to improve the grade with the shop decoration. Color is a visual aesthetic feeling is one of the important factors, each color corresponds to the corresponding psychological feelings. Specific children's wear display, we can be brightly colored children's clothing line in the front, dark tone of children's clothing in the rear, make integral color of light and shade levels, forming a three-dimensional impact, to influence the customer's decision. For include high and low all products in the shop, this method is more suitable. Through price clothing display, can make customers more easy to select the product that conforms to their income and grade, looking down about 45 degrees for the central display position. For horizontal display put main clothing. In addition to the special new tasks such as clothes, you can use this location, convenience of our customers to complete the purchase process. To create an atmosphere of dress show effect, for the design of device structure should be in practice fully embody the supplementary role of clothing product display. Construction of exhibition space to rational, smooth and strong leading. Marketing concept emphasizes the more psychological feelings of consumers, they shopping need enough free space to choose its own, and enhance the leading factors involved in the store sells behavior, more recessive to strengthen efforts in sales. People into the store to see first of all, is a kind of effect, the effect is not only the clothing styles can form itself, a lot of other relevant factors will affect the overall effect. Such as played music, irradiation light, projected video, etc. , are associated with the mood of clothing buyers, also associated with the taste of the store. Using different shapes of mirror, irregular texture background different angles, reflecting the surrounding scattered fragments into images of extremely rich move feeling, interesting, different angles to the different picture, different feelings to the viewers. Effective use of the space structure of arrangement, and reflect the value of a series of related fashion commodity positioning, brand culture and marketing strategy; Is to use artistic means to cause customer interest in the goods, to attract the attention of people in an instant, make people get beautiful enjoyment at the same time the goods are sold exponentially.
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