Clothing store stock improve their pick skills is very important

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-16
Everyone know the stand or fall of a clothing store business is main or look have a good supply of goods, if goods that sales for sure will go up, a lot of people are generally in the beginning of the stock, what can I do for you all take a little, then it becomes like a grocery store, this is very detrimental to the development of the stores, sometimes too much too miscellaneous goods I don't know to take what goods, where also can not find, to the end of the season when finishing and design are not sold out, don't know what has happened in your store, no I've known people who have this done, so how to choose goods with the skills to improve yourself? We are certainly on the unity of the style of clothing stores, clothing category is more, now actually clothing subdivision down still is quite complicated, such as han edition, Japanese version, we can according to the European and American style, we can also according to the special stores, brand stores, specialty stores, so there are, of course, is to see one of the most intuitive feelings is to sell sell men's or women's wear, do not know you also won't into the shop, the choose and buy, that we want to do a good job in a clothing store, in addition to have good sales methods, the key point is to understand the stock, we should not only know the location of the stock, the price of the wholesale market situation and own shops in the face of customer base, and insight into the store according to the characteristics of the be fond of of customers, and more importantly to tao. So have to choose goods for goods had a pair of critical, of course it takes time and experience accumulation and experience. Exercise, of course, the eye of replenish onr's stock, it must be clothing businesses to focus on the problem. If you want to know more stock, of course we will see, how to go online or offline clothing market and see the new trend, none of the entrants will be know, these things are his summary of slowly, some people say that people teach you something you often can't learn, summarize what is the true yourself. Some stock is to rely on feeling, always feel that this style will sell like hot cakes, but actual back does not sell like hot cakes, and he followed their feelings at the time of purchase and took a lot of, that only put the goods into the warehouse or the low price promotion, that at the time of purchase cannot be made full of feeling that should how to do? We can at the time of purchase plan is good, today I will go into what, can be formulated based on sales in the stores, such as jeans sales good, we can in some jeans. For some cheap, don't just because of its cheap take; Unless you have enough grasp will make money in the body, otherwise don't get it. Because even though it was cheap, but you will find that because of cheap, may be the style or quality is not so good. Clothes size, should be combined with different regional cities. In terms of the north, certainly, take more bigger sizes, and some design looks fit small, more carefully. In terms of the south, medium and small size are relatively more.
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