Clothing suppliers tell you what are the procedures open clothing store

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-21
A lot of people are looking forward to open a clothing store, but not clear open clothing store specific what procedure to need? Clothing suppliers to tell you below open clothing store first to issue a business licence, or we'll be punished by industrial and commercial bureau to check the, but a lot of people to open a shop needs to go through the formalities of some don't quite understand. Small make up then simple introduce for everybody to open clothing store procedures and documents need to deal with the process. The procedure for opening a clothing store: handle project: individual and industrial and commercial door opening formalities institutions: the location of business of the industrial and point open clothing store the bid documents formalities: firstly, the procedure for opening a clothing store business license will not issue a business licence, individual and industrial and commercial door opening registration, shall I healthy body, have corresponding management ability and the condition, I in addition to put forward a written application, but should also provide the relevant certificate ( A) : 1, proof of identity: the applicant should provide id card. 2, certificate of professional status: ( Whether such as unemployment, whether to retire or resign, etc. ) 3, the management certificates of business place: ( 1) Rental agreement, certificate of property title, change in the proof. ( 2) Into all kinds of market operation subject to market management office seal of approval. ( 3) Use of public open space and roadside LongKou public areas, such as operation sites should provide the relevant functional departments for approval or permit. 4, in the special provisions of the national industry or scope of business, shall be submitted to relevant departments for examination and approval. Second, with the business license to handle the tax registration certificate, the procedure for opening a clothing store, after receiving the tax registration certificate to apply for the invoice, the invoice application points of two kinds: first, according to the fixed tax method, namely each month regardless of turnover is the monthly pay the same tax; The second is according to the amount of the invoice according to the monthly tax rate. The whole process charge in about 500 yuan or so, time is about 15 For 30 days. Across different criteria, and provide the reference only, specific will be subject to the local industrial and commercial tax. Other local have specific preferential policies. Understand the procedure for opening a clothing store, after we have done is going to open a shop, if you experience also is less, so clothing contract small make up remind you, must do some planning before: first: clear direction, determine what type of clothes. The second: your local market, to what are you going to sell clothes to do a market research. Contains the market saturation rate, market purchasing power, the geographical position, shops stock channels and so on. Third: capital budget. Such as store rent, stores decorate, store first shop goods going to modernize capital; Purchase of travel expenses, cash flow, hire the assistant fees, taxes and other fees to do a plan, and then to action.
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