Clothing suppliers to teach you know velvet chiffon fabric

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-20
Clothing suppliers tell you is true velvet (wool snow spins Hang mulberry silk velvet) Imitation is the light of snow spinning ( Georgette. Chemical fiber cloth) With a short velvet pattern on hot ( Of course not true velvet) 。 Clothing suppliers & ndash; Characteristics of wool snow spins snow spins geographic use silk or polyester fiber as raw materials, after twisting around and fabric structure makes its texture, colour effect is good, with the characteristics of ultra-thin won the favour of fashionable women. Due to the fabric warp/weft shu lang, easy to breathe freely, add sufficient decrement of dyeing processing and make the fabrics feel is soft, is the modern women's pursuit of fashion fabrics, wear is grave and elegant and elegant and charming. Stretch chiffon & other other Stretch chiffon & throughout; No play chiffon fabric than the average thicker, can use directly do clothing, wearing comfortable, elastic, feel is too soft, by using polyester FDY100D silk, silk weft yarn with polyester DTY100D / 48 f + 40 d spandex silk as raw materials, products display a linen style already, and have retractile characteristics. As mount body, wearing not only feel more relaxed, free and easy and can make the delicate and charming beauty. Chiffon skirt elegant and cool, have feminine taste, the icing on the cake for ladies clothes. Clothing suppliers tell you thin elastic chiffon fabrics, belongs to a kind of chemical fiber fabrics, suitable for a lady's summer wear, it feels a little frizzy, but this is the characteristics of it, a little waistband skirt belt, it is made of, and can make whole clothes and dress directly, but it is thin, generally have the lining! Clothing suppliers & ndash; How to tell what is real senior chiffon? The secret is cut a small piece of fabric, use lighter to burn a fire. White smoke from true:, sweet smelling, dry ash is break away. False: if all burnt flavour and didn't break up, a touch will know composition.
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