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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-18
In the clothing industry developed in guangzhou, tail goods market has also arises at the historic moment, baiyun district ishii area, especially with a batch of large market is given priority to with distribution of tail goods. In 2012, is the national garment industry a year inventory outbreak, ishii, tail goods market is very prosperous business. Recently I also went to the leg, ishii town area of the market, take a look at this paradise known as tail goods how fire. Qiu dong season we also want to see the dress tail goods, what are some of the goods is what all have, have brand have some, of course, I also don't know whether the brand, many are wholesale at discount prices, and prices are relatively low, it may also is the tail goods of the reason why there are so many people. In the market are the tail goods, some clothes back also can sell a good price, it also depends on how you find out. To a file mouth see several African traders and children's clothing shop owner is spread out over the goods in taobao. How much is this? A stock traders holding a crane quotation $30, trademark is full of English children's wear q, wang didn't even had time to scrutinize the said offer 10 RMB. Those with Europe and the United States drop in almost all the foreign trade children's clothing tail cargo at 10 to 12 yuan a price sale, more than 5 years old children's clothing is not more than 25 yuan. After careful observation, found that these goods the tail of the cabbage price, mostly to new or as new, and basically do not have defect, for the most part is break code. To these shipped directly from the clothing factory clothing to find cost-effective, marketable goods return, is really a skill. In kam garment city east to see some hundred yuan a tail cargo archives mouths to sell down jacket, shaft said these clothes are brought directly from factory warehouse tail goods, they can achieve the original price of 8900 yuan. Tail goods are meager profit but high turnover, earn money, and when the boss and workers. To do this line is all about the ability of many sided, can do not want to do. The key is to find goods tail cargo business. Run around all over the country, where manufacturers have cheap stocks just where to go. Many goods are directly from manufacturer's warehouse, rather than more tail goods in stock, is it a year or two, some are new. With garment factories closed down, clean up the inventory to another car is a car, this kind of situation often can find good cheap goods. Garment manufacturers sometimes too late delivery, some single they can digest, they often sold at the cost of a few dollars a batch, one-time buy tens of thousands of pieces is the norm. Again for the price of 10 yuan in the wholesale stalls, earn is the difference among them.
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