Clothing to booking whether let garment enterprises have a buffer

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-24
Recently to the global economy, but also to the impact of the apparel industry has brought a lot of, the sales volume all the way down, and now what all turned to electricity, clothing is not exceptional also, sent the generation of network with the network jointly organized with the cool clothing electronic commerce conference in 2011. Conference receives generation will share 'dry' core philosophy, together the national clothing business elite, depth discuss the way of the future of the Chinese clothing electronic commerce. Food and clothing live line is everyone must have been also is the object of attention, so the garment industry every year everybody in the new, wet clothing, and to our garment factory, wholesale and retail, we will prepare enough supply of goods, to make our customer can pick up a nice dress. As the economic downturn, this pattern may also need to change, so don't know whether clothing to booking can make clothing manufacturer a buffer opportunity? E-commerce bring us a lot of convenience, for our clothing business, this is also a good opportunity, but also can let we have a lot of variables. We do clothing business on the Internet, but we also don't know which can go well, which will not go well, when we are doing may each paragraph obed foot points, this merchant's pressure is big for us, then we can booking online to solve this concern, so although can pressure small points for our merchants, but if client order quantity not too much, our cost is higher, if the customer order too much at the moment we do not to come over, such the goods time may be a little pressure, so what kind of mode to make our business can better survive? We have to find a different way, we also should have more for yourself to find some way out. Different patterns whether can bring unlimited business opportunities, also remains to be proven, that how to make our electricity road wider, can open to booking a clothing is our way out, in the later road will let us more clear.
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