Clothing wholesale and can only be squeezed between correct positioning problems we face at home and abroad

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-15
Although a large population, China needs a lot of clothes, so domestic demand gap is huge, but the accumulation of time and many areas are to vigorously develop clothing market, coupled with the clothing slowly accumulated, the domestic market is always slowly filled, so we also want to extend outward, the clothing wholesale to go abroad, also must do this, a few years ago was a good piece of the foreign trade clothing wholesale this do, Europe and the United States economic recovery slow clothing is also influenced by a lot. Although each wearing a dress, need 1. 3 billion pieces of clothing to consume every day, but the dress is not only once, if it is only wear a, the yield of the domestic market more manufacturers, fit around the rise of the clothing wholesale market, as the Chinese government also been supporting the apparel industry, so everybody with enough horsepower to development, developed different style product line of clothing, clothing production around the foot flat manufacturers to produce clothing, at the start of the is supposed to be in short supply, but there will always be a saturated market one day, so caused the current inventory backlog, the market demand of domestic garment industry downturn, poor sales channels, etc. , reflecting the domestic garment industry homogeneityphenomenon serious, brand awareness is not strong, the improvement ideas of management, production and marketing mode to be innovative. Therefore, the future of China's garment industry will change, this kind of change or will bring pain garment enterprises. Domestic market downturn so everyone wants to look at the international market situation, have to find a suitable for enterprise development way to go, but the European and American market recovery is not obvious, so the international market is not optimistic, according to our country textile clothing export and failed to continue growth in February, 110 total export amount. 000 million dollars, fell by 9. 5%. Imports also reverse the decline trend, back to double-digit growth, imports of 17. $100 million, increased 27. 8%. The total import and export of 127. 5 $100 million, and growth. 5%, the surplus of 92. 900 million dollars, fell 14. 2%. A 15% drop in China's exports to the European Union, of which the basic flat with the same period of last year, the textile export amount clothing exports fell 21. 5%. Average knitted, woven clothing export quantity by 16. 7 drop in 9%, and the unit price. 2%. Our country textile clothing export to the United States generally held steady, up 1% from a year earlier. 11 the textiles growth. 2%, clothing by 6. 17%. Knitting clothing exports and growth of the number 11. 19%, the unit price by 15. 73%; Woven garment exports decline 8. 08%, the unit price by 3. 68%. Although the market situation is not optimistic, but we must be hard to do clothes, ready to have stronger competitiveness, design more good design, only serious development enterprise can we live on the margins of society, the next few years a number of brand development lag, backward management concept, product characteristic difference of clothing enterprise to be eliminated, and the positioning precision of enterprises will be better. Clothing enterprise mergers between phenomenon also occur, some have channel advantages of enterprises will be more valuable. Clothing is a worthy of deep industry, we can also do not want to do anything, to do small and exquisite, specializing in a piece of the market, I believe there will have a better prospect, it industries are the same, if you don't do well, will not see the sun of the day after tomorrow.
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