Clothing wholesale competition walk out a belongs to own the road of innovation

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-09
Now matter what industry you are in, everyone think the competition is quite fierce, this kind of thing also cheating will be out in the business of each link, everyone is on alert in the work, from the aspects of clothing wholesale, competition is more intense, the price war has always been the key to competition, the result is for a lot of clothes shop owner both, especially in the clothing market, adjacent to the clothing store price war, it is easier to hurt each other. How to avoid the price wars with counterparts? So we in the case of a poor environment more should not make what vicious competition. This could also harm to himself. For some clothing factory, the survival of enterprises is a good product, so the development of the new clothing is also a main part of the enterprise, be a copycat products may have some factory, will follow suit, of course, is close to the style, but may be on clothing style will still be there, a lot of small businesses may be in dongguan humen like this, but the long-term development, if everyone do the same style, where not to develop new products that will be better and more big market, so still have to invest more to the design and development department, design the more we like good clothes, there will be more chance of survival. New product development is to put in a lot of manpower material resources, but the costume design, so I said a few days there will be others and in your clothing style, almost spent great effort to our products, or others can directly copied to, so also called how to survive? Do have a lot of factories have been made in the clothing wholesale out, along with the increase of the rise in raw material and cost of choose and employ persons clothes replenish onr's stock price rose, clothing shop owner is much more difficult to sell goods. Retail shop owner business difficult to do, for clothing wholesale also pressure increases, when the clothing styles are similar, consumer natural shop around, looking for cheap clothing consumption. Clothing shop owner in order to sales flat as soon as possible to sell clothing, is easy to suppress each other on price, in order to strive for more customers. So in the clothing design innovation can be avoided, achieves with peers of the same style, the clothing store owner to gain the initiative in more on price. If you want to have more initiative, then you must put our design team to focus on, down a team of 100 to date, drag, such a big team to clothing design production, of course, is to want to get the affirmation of the market, many companies now boss am utterly confused, lost confidence in the future, trying to squeeze each other. Don't say unity cooperation, members seldom contact, just hope everyone's mentality to zero, just as you start a business, have a positive heart. For economic direction in recent years, almost all outfits, feel very hard, compared to a few years ago, by daring can rushes out a slice of heaven and earth, the current economic environment put forward higher requirements for entrepreneurs, willing to bear hardships is not enough, can also have to innovation. Sincerely hope that every enterprise investment innovation project, in fact, everyone has different idea, more put their ideas in the design, such ability can have their own style of clothing, a way out of their own, only out of one's own way, the others to miles away, let it how also can't keep up with, in order to keep the lifeblood of garment factory.
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