Clothing wholesale market and surrounding factory jointly create unlimited business opportunities

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-13
Beside the clothing market or surrounding would try to touch point light, do some and apparel related industries, such as open some clothing factories also is a good purchase clothing around the material, of course also can pick up a few clothing wholesale market of customer orders, of course, can also pick up other customer order, but because in the last few years the other orders in gradually reduce, so there are a lot of factories or return the clothing wholesale market orders to do, and now share has been rising, now everybody for inventory control are rational, now of the shopkeeper in the clothing wholesale market also is likely to be only a small amount of phenomenon, wait until after the customer placing the order to the surrounding factories to produce, oneself can control the quality of the clothes, not afraid of the delay time of delivery. As a textile city is adjacent to hangzhou, shaoxing city such effect it is a pity that don't use them. Financial crisis began in 2008, was having a difficult time most of the textile enterprises, many enterprises want to transformation and upgrading, from low-end to high-end fabrics of fabric production, or from the raw material production to garment production, but these ideas are not subject to the bottleneck of capital, technology, is to find new markets. A just a taste for clothing wholesale market production orders entrepreneurs say, this market is still pretty big. Their original enterprises has always been to make printing fabric processing business, products exported to Europe, North America and other markets directly, but exports over the past few years the road more and more bad, the edge of the profit margins have low to will be at a loss, and the European debt crisis risk to order. In breach happened shortly before a European customers, enterprises take back a sum of compensation according to the contract, but it can't cover the cost. But products can only become inventory, in accordance with previous practice, these fabrics can only be disposed at a discount. He was in a women's clothing wholesalers online see sijiqing information, want to do a batch of printed shirting picture printing is similar with the batch of inventory. Try holding the psychological, he contacted the wholesalers, send you samples approved the somebody else, he'll find a local clothing production enterprise has made the products, made in the past, a sum of reaping the benefits. He calculated that export abroad to earn more than the fabric. Since then I feel this way is feasible, small textile enterprises like us, go now to export the road more and more difficult, also face some risk, from time to time to make sijiqing clothing market orders not only earn more, and due to the geographical position is very close, transportation cost and significantly reduce risk, speed up the turnover of funds. In recent years in the textile products export narrowing at the same time, the domestic garment industry is the expansion of experience again and again, many companies look from exports towards domestic, clothing wholesale market has become the important core factor, hangzhou sijiqing women's clothing market development in recent years, become an important national clothing distribution center, which formed a huge demand of clothing enterprise. Why guangzhou women's clothing market, in fact, all the year round to have been doing is bigger, is the number and dongguan, guangzhou area intensive garment production enterprises, so in a sense, shaoxing, xiaoshan area of textile enterprises, in turn, is also the foundation of hangzhou sijiqing womenswear market further. To use their resources around the joint development and this is not a bad thing, they will be able to get better grades.
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