Clothing wholesale market cluster the market focus for the harmonious development of different types can also

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-12
After more than 20 years of development, guangdong clothing influence on domestic clothing market is also growing, and guangzhou clothing you also can be said to be the procurement is convenient, is completely out of the car can purchase to you satisfied clothing, clothing wholesale business circle in guangzhou may still have a lot of people don't know, it's next to the railway station has a lot of clothing wholesale market, and has become a mature business circle, every day have a wholesale clothing buyers from all over the world come here to choose and buy a lot of clothes. Liuhua road, huanshi road and zhanxi road guangzhou liuhua - Mineral spring clothing business circle has developed into a set of enterprise cluster procurement, product display, product development, brand marketing, e-commerce, modern logistics in one of the leading modern trading platform. Liuhua business circle is convicted by letter committee of guangdong province as 'guangdong garment international procurement center', became one of the first five international procurement center in guangdong province, is the only one in guangdong province textile and apparel industry of international procurement center. From here to all over the world every day clothing weighs 100 tons, annual turnover of RMB 30 billion, formed the GuangHuo clothing. Is this a business circle have such a large volume, guangzhou also have different types of large and small clothing business circle, is also crowded, trade large number, so we should be able to know about GuangHuo clothing's influence. Although the influence of liuhua business circle has large enough, but it has never stopped expansion, commercial circle a city boasts 280000 square meters of complex project of guangzhou world trade city &qingdao caps have been completed; Converted hotel guangzhou beauty bo garment city after several localization transformation, also turns into a beautiful bo sports city earlier this year. 34 clothing market has opened, are held a total business area of nearly 1 million square meters of clothing wholesale cluster. Guangzhou yuexiu district government has enacted to adjust liuhua clothing in park and support relevant supporting policies, hardware and software upgrades. At present, the yuexiu district has successfully registered 'liuhua clothing' with the state administration for industry and commerce, the collective trademark, this huge business circle continues to upgrade, has brought together a white horse, horse, red, tianma, new earth, liuhua, widely, to a road, guangzhou international exhibit trade center and a number of fame had professional clothing wholesale market, become one of the important incubator of clothing brand in China. Although there are so many clothing wholesale market in the form of a large cluster, as if also did not say the product on a lot of overlap, market within the cluster clothing category complete varieties, rich products, where the market management localization is also very clear, each have expertise. White horse to operating mainly in high-grade fashion women's clothing, men's clothing market; One horse brought together a large number of domestic well-known clothing square in high-grade men's wear brand franchise store; Products of recreation to cowboy series; Royal dragon, Canaan foreign trade clothing market is mainly oriented to the Middle East and Africa and other places of the foreign trade business; Fine are leisure clothing store in the form of foreign trade and domestic main all kinds of leisure clothing, and the new earth garment city chose main type clothing knitted sweater, etc. Each department draw the essence, representative, who play out according to the characteristics of the reduced the area of industry market competition, also attract the world come here to implement one-stop shopping. The types of clothing has a lot of, we can't, as some people say what the product, tomorrow we will have the same style, this way of fighting is not good for each of the types of clothing has a lot of, we can segment various grade of various ages or pack such distinction between men and women, all have to go into the attack, can also be out of the good way.
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