Clothing wholesale market has become the taobao consumer base

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-12
Buy clothes everybody know must be offline can wear immediately to the body, sometimes buy clothes on the net every day looking forward to express, but express little elder brother is not come, very not easy to come to the clothing and sometimes wear on the big or small, this kind of thing don't know what have happened on you several times, but to buy a few times more will know about is suitable for wear what size dress, I was also began to buy wear always doesn't fit to the body, more experienced several times can be put on purchase clothing is definitely buy now, and will not cause businesses big trouble, if you really buy clothing size problem exchange also is really trouble, if offline directly back to the archives mouths in good up after a while, it also will each have each good. Now everyone is popular to clothing wholesale market for goods, if you first step into the mainstream of professional clothing market, you will doubt that the environment, the situation here is different from imagination cuhk. In general goods wholesale market is the man's head more crowded, messy, cigar smoke inside corridor, crowded, but in the professional clothing market go a red circle found that before the imagination is a wrong again wrong. In the Korean fashion clothing as the theme of the international red walk inside, regardless of whether they are busy on the first floor or higher floor six or seven floors, the decoration is very delicate, in addition to the floor bright and spacious, clear guidance, a businessman all the time on store decoration, on the seventh floor, red can see also include small and pure and fresh, simple, fashion, Korean, restore ancient ways, such as different decorate a style to stores, even the store inside, also very exquisite display effect, compared with the current mainstream shopping center, the design feeling and fashion sense is also riches. Up the software and hardware, clothing wholesale market in fact should be renamed called ShangChangHua professional clothing market. Professional clothing market hardware upgrades will be continued. So go to professional clothing market buy clothes become one of the shrewd choice nowadays many consumer. Often go to liuhua business circle each big city &qingdao around foreign enterprise employee, although wage income, but still like to go to professional clothing market, taobao. Here than stores, he said the clothes is cheap enough new style, as long as the idea on the flower and time, you can buy a good product. If you can find friends list prices are more affordable. Timing taobao is also a trick, a year two season spring, summer and autumn winter change garments according to the timing is taobao, before the Spring Festival for autumn/winter clothes, clothes for spring and summer in July at this time of clothing design is new, the price is cheap. Professional market is different from the retail market, however, the traditional retail for between a golden ratio, that is, 80:20, with ever increasing demand of consumers and retail, to 60:40 is the proportion of the upper limit. After all the retail formats in the service mode and sales model and professional market still have difference.
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