Clothing wholesale market is the expansion of drag clothing operator transformation cost growth decline

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-13
Liuhua clothing wholesale market is in south China has a long history, large scale, equipped with complete traditional clothing wholesale market, is one of the country's major clothing wholesale market. According to garment city general manager BuXiaoQiang red before the FTC opened and peach blossom river, liuhua clothing wholesale market management area has reached 600000 square meters, the FTC and peach blossom river after opening, the overall area of 720000 square meters, if opened in October 280000 square meters of the costume city, after the liuhua business circle size will reach an all-time high of nearly 1 million square meters. Liuhua clothing wholesale market in the rapidly expanding capacity, clothing businesses are faced with enormous challenges. With rising rents and artificial cost rise, liuhua business circle of inexpensive beautiful face enormous pressure. At the same time, from the rapid development of the apparel industrial cluster, a large number of the factory moved, clothing wholesale market, have been approached shunt. The city &qingdao liuhua business circle is still exist homogeneity, part of the garment city characteristic is not obvious, not form a accurate positioning, manifest disadvantage in the competition. But at the same time, in order to cope with the increasingly fierce competition, more and more garment city choose starting from the characteristic management, out of a differential operation way, all the best ways to hope to be able to stand out in the evolution of the environment. As guangzhou liuhua clothing wholesale market and even the whole country is extremely important traditional clothing wholesale market, liuhua business circle dimension large-scale expansion, promote industry extension of the market. Capacity increase competition, and in order to cope with competition, more and more businesses are good determine their orientation, strengthen their own hardware and software upgrades, for example in Korea sent red clothing features; FTC is introduced into the Korean clothing exhibition trade union; The garment city, with designer association cooperation, emphasis on design ideas. Overall quickly sped up the industrial upgrading, so as to strengthen the position of guangzhou clothing procurement center in the country. In liuhua clothing wholesale market has not have a plan as a whole the liuhua clothing market of specialized agencies, to set up a special agencies to coordinate and standardize the management order of the liuhua clothing wholesale market, through the agency of unification, put an end to the phenomenon of unfair competition, build good liuhua clothing wholesale market in the region brand, set up image of high quality clothing market. Although liuhua clothing wholesale market in increasing Numbers, but cannot be more and more businesses to compete for liuhua district this cake, if just have the original market share, the market will be in trouble, circles of various businesses to do big & # 8221; Cake & # 8221; Rather than the & # 8221; Cake & # 8221; Can the whole market continued healthy development. To do big 'cake' cannot homogeneity management first, every businessman to accurate positioning, differentiation, and then on the basis of clear positioning, exert their advantages and characteristics, prevent vicious competition, declined to not preempt resources reasonably. Clothing wholesale market is expanding constantly and transition, and for some clothing operators, clothing wholesale market operating costs continue to increase, and apparel wholesale and retail prices are compressed, clothing pleased this year each costs have risen by an average of 10% ~ 15%, sales volume is reduced by thirty percent, from clothing retail terminal to clothing wholesalers to garment processing factory, this year's production sales profits have varying degrees of decline. Under pressure, clothing enterprises to select the different investment direction. Many foreign trade processing enterprises plan to expand the domestic market, such as to processing, for domestic brand plan through domestic OEM gradually understand market, cultivating designers, gradually develop their own brands.
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