Clothing wholesale network is the only way for garment industry

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-02
Many professional markets also yield to the temptation of the rapid development of electrical business, are looking for supply of goods on the Internet, sellers, create a new profitability for wholesale and retail. Clothing wholesale market is one of them. Wholesale market now, there is a build network platform, mainly is to help businesses expand online customers, and also their marketing model, irregularly will hold some activities to attract customers attention, like a white horse clothing network in double tenth a special 'RMB 18 seconds kill' launched by the 'full reduction' 'limited time discount' and other promotional activities have achieved good results. Although everyone in the network development, how to develop in the network can have a better performance remains a problem worth thinking, according to the garment industry, according to a survey published last year in the first half of the guangdong scale 4641 textile and garment enterprises, the loss of 975 loss rate was 21%. Clothing wholesale entities have a fatal weakness, namely the price is much higher than wholesale clothing network, it has to do with physical stores wholesalers have to pay utilities, rent a house and so on. The personage inside course of study or even a bold prediction, under the weight of the market, the traditional clothing wholesale market is likely to disappear, to online is the only way for the industry. Since there are so many professional clothing wholesale online is a trend, also has more and more people into the industry, the industry booming, but clothing wholesale network is to make money in previous years, and I don't know is what reason, over the years always feel not that thriving scene. Network clothing wholesale is no difference with offline entity wholesale shop, just move the market to the Internet, in general online more humanized, customer advisory very convenient also, not as in the offline if the store busy all have no time to take care of every customer, online customers can to browse your product, customer service just for the customer to answer some questions don't understand. And because clothing wholesale online is a customer can't see the quality of the goods, some merchants may be a batch, this guest y door also do not have to worry about get the poor quality of many costumes. Online sales will indeed bring a certain impact offline sales. Through the survey found that the total volume of goods is actually increased. So if it is a proper way, clothing wholesale market to electric business expansion, can yet be regarded as a kind of effective marketing strategy. For now there are still limitations, clothing wholesale online this evident on the types of clothing. Clothing wholesale online sales mainly based on the price of the appropriate leisure clothing is given priority to, it will involve a degree of mutual trust between the seller and the buyer.
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