Clothing wholesale skills article newbie guide for wholesale purchase

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-10
Replenish onr's stock may be our businesses more headaches, we better clothes pins, and, of course, we have bigger relationship clothing supplies, our clothing cheap and good, that is, of course, can let you enjoy, so let's do it today to talk about the stock of those things. First of all, we have to make a good plan on his own shop, shop for ourselves a positioning, such as students, or less than 25 young girls, you can choose a few to compare some bright color, such as watermelon red, lake blue, purple, and if it is young or old, you can choose some more coffee, khaki, army green, black. Clothing wholesale with the skills of course, it also has something to do with your choice of clothing style. Clothing wholesale with the skills in addition to this, as for store decoration, also need to consider, the lights should be cooperate clothing design and style, rather than first decorate again into the clothes suitable for decoration. We ready market positioning, it then, of course, is to find our suppliers, find a good clothing supplies, it is also a focus of our work, clothing wholesale supply of goods we can go to the clothing wholesale market, generally we will from the local clothing wholesale market to find some supply of goods, also have some people from some clothing wholesale online group net for clothing wholesale; Clothing wholesale market to take goods? We more intuitive understanding of the clothing is convenient, but the price is on the high side; Online wholesale advantage more and more outstanding, we are now many guests are popular in online wholesale clothing, a lot of clothing wholesale network are direct manufacturers, thus can greatly save the cost, we can see directly from the website so clothing products, and we'll go to the market without having a look, so a online wholesale important still is our fraud prevention, we must be certain merchants information, whether to support guarantee trading, etc. Main goods are common to all wholesalers, manufacturers are generally from the relationship between good direct purchase these goods, prices have certain advantages. They tend to be part of the price of the products is low, in order to attract the attention of customers, thereby giving impetus to the sales of other products. If entrepreneurs to take the trouble, you can find more wholesalers, wholesale them respectively of the goods to attract customers attention. If the trouble, or find after-sales service good wholesalers, or exchange, the cost of waste and energy must be much higher than stock save cost. Go to wholesale market to take goods? Price may also be others look to the price, general regular might lower the price, this could be the laws of the market, and our clothing wholesale prices online? We are quantitative, reach a certain number of, is not the same price, the price also is more open, fair and purchase clothing production base (often from the web site Such as guangdong) To replenish onr's stock, such as equivalent to bypass the local dealer or agent. So the price is often cheaper than go to local area clothing wholesale market ( Such as ChaoTianMen Kang Fulu of xi 'an, chongqing, wuhan many wholesalers in guangdong are restocked) 。 As for the current clothing wholesale mode? May be that the more popular of the two, a lot of people are now online wholesale clothing, is more than the domestic, abroad also has a lot of customers are order on some clothing wholesale website, online order through the logistics delivery, 4 - 6 days will send the goods to your hand, and you just 50-100 garments Each clothes 60 yuan, also add less than a few cents, it is better than wholesale market offer a lot of oh. You can also see this item. As for quality, perhaps you worry about a problem, but now a lot of clothing wholesale network are support guarantee deal oh, can receive the goods inspection after confirm the delivery of the goods again. So this you can rest assured in a world of network wholesale to the contentment of the clothing.
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