Clothing wholesale take goods online is no good and bad points

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-09
Clothing wholesale online take goods more convenient, some people say that someone says offline realistic, everyone can see the costumers spot, so some people are in line with the various prejudices, and find online is very poor, offline experience is must be very good, so has been can choose offline to get the goods, the online will be bad here there is bad, all kinds of opinions with a bunch of people. Some people online clothing PiFaLiang small bias feel very trouble, so the wholesalers will get the price a bit higher than wholesale stores, and online wholesale is a one-time deal, tend to be sent to you the quality and description of discriminating. Because you can't see the touch to, then you have a problem receiving found you want to return that is impossible, including alibaba, most sellers are not support pay treasure to guarantee deal. Because wholesale profit is not high so he can't give you guarantee transaction, so let us try not to purchase on the Internet. I actually think it online each have each benefits, offline take goods if surrounding a line wholesale market, can be considered, and if the perimeter of the clothing is from guangzhou, dongguan and other places with the past, that I think is the preferred take goods online, according to the above the netizen that we won't be able to get a good state of mind, is now the major national clothing wholesale markets are doing their own electronic retailing platform, and a lot of goods online are directly from the clothing wholesale market, now the network is more open than before, the network also more transparent, can very good cooperate logistics various aspects, and it is possible after the goods shipment tracking logistics situation of clothing, where the goods can be clear at a glance, without the bad goods or other worry. Online pick only oneself like and don't like, no good or bad, because some people are just like offline take goods, we can't stop, some people like to take goods online, online is not good, we have no direct say online really bad, if the taobao platform could not develop like this, everyone will say taobao before retail also bad here there is bad, the results express amount is gradually increased, each year that these rumors are exposed. I want to say as long as the right platform can get good goods online.
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