Clothing wholesale veteran concludes with the technique

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-07
First: store is decorated, also need to consider, whether small wallpaper, or lighting should cooperate clothing design and style, not to decorate again into the clothes suitable for decoration. It needs us to fully understand of floating population in the area of, again, store renovation or decorate good are not suitable for the customer's style is in trouble. Secondly, we should pay attention to when taking goods clothing color, such as our main customers of the store is a student group, we should choose more bright color, such as watermelon red, lake blue, purple, pink, white, etc. , and if it is a little larger age should choose some more coffee, khaki, army green, black, etc. Third: that is the size, if it is young people that is to protect the body, so the general would be thinner, that size is generally not too much bigger sizes, if that is a middle-aged man, may the body fat, will need more some big yards of clothes, some people say that is too small yards dress is too tight, can affect the breathing. Fourth: pick the most suitable time of general on Monday to Friday morning, general wholesale market is around 5 o 'clock in the morning to open the door, if you got up so early, 7, 8 points to also can, but not Saturday and Sunday to too many people, the holiday price will be high. Because wholesale market usually close early, around three o 'clock, at noon is the time for more people, carrying bag is not very convenient. Don't carry bag, walking is a person is very crowded, take goods must choose good point in time. Fifth: every clothing wholesalers have main commodities, prices have certain advantages. They tend to be part of the price of the products is low, in order to attract the attention of customers, thereby giving impetus to the sales of other products. If entrepreneurs to take the trouble, you can find more wholesalers, wholesale them respectively of the goods to attract customers attention. If you feel trouble find after-sales service good wholesalers, will try to find for the quality problem when choosing wholesalers exchange to share the cost wholesalers, so they usually careful examination at the time of shipment quality of clothing, if any quality problem, they will bear some freight cost. Sixth: that's what we want to find a suitable supply of goods, some people what clothes do well and that he spent a lot of time to go to the major wholesale markets, which know a lot what main market supply of goods, purchase directly when I was to find a market for the supply of goods. There is in the wholesale market price actually has moisture, to know cut cut price, the price can be appropriate down a bit, really not to add up, so you can spend less money, na goods.
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