Comparison of garment industry ten years, these views do you agree with?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-30
Decreasing profit margins; · World garment order delivery time has been shortened to 15 Within 40 days; · Many varieties, small batch trend is increasingly obvious; · Customers and the quality of product quality stability, and delivery requirements is higher and higher. · Higher raw material costs and the cost of production; · Raw material quality and technology level and the quality standard is higher and higher; · As the cancellation of the quota, the trend of globalization of competition is more and more obvious. · The labor shortage, enhance the employees' legal consciousness of self protection work time. · Resources nervous, power limits. · Outside the single customer non-technical barriers, such as human rights protection, etc. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Round collar short sleeve splicing lace dress trade globalization today, the clothing enterprise production and supply of the world are in the same industry chain competition. Response to information collection, communication, and decision-making ability to cope with rapid will become the enterprise competition strength of the key factors. In this era of rapid development of information technology, time and tide wait for no man, of our country's clothing enterprise informatization has become the top priority of the enterprise, it is urgent. With the development of society, in many clothing enterprises still exist in the enterprise management system become a mere formality, relying on the phenomenon of production management experience, memory, poor enforcement. Companies have been on how to strengthen the standard management, reduce the management cost, reduce the management on the loss caused by frequent flow lengths. Modern enterprise management, it should be digital, standardization, standardization management mode, digital production management is used to mean. The digital management can not only improve the efficiency of management, and can more objectively assessment staff production performance. Digital phenomenon of high water content and the enterprise failing, however, to truly reduce the workload, reduce duplication of work, put an end to the intermediate links of misrepresentation, conceal phenomenon caused by artificial operation, must be a set of complete and intelligent integrated management system for production management, statistics, and digital statistical analysis to the data and the production management status visually presented to managers, provide the basis for managers to make decisions in a timely manner. In our country, the garment industry is the traditional labor-intensive industries, the production management is still using traditional management mode. Engaged in garment industry workers, lower cultural quality of general, accustomed to manual operation and management experience, has resistance to the advanced technology and management. For example: most employees think handwriting is easy, there is no need to use the computer to manage. Ten years ago using home-made machines, after 10 years with imported machines hong yu garment & ndash; Joining together into color lace fishtail vest dress
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