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Couple Wear Ideas That Won't Get You Laughed At!

Couple Wear Ideas That Won't Get You Laughed At!


“Let’s wear the same thing today! We’ll match!”

Oh no. Your heart starts beating fast and your perspiration becomes a waterfall. You try to find an excuse to drop that idea but you don’t want to disappoint your loved one. You barely scrape through dressing well yourself and now you need to dress as a couple! EVERYONE on the street is going to laugh at you and your partner’s hysterical and peculiar dressing ways.

Well, stop worrying and have no fear! Drop your ‘couple casual wear’ thoughts because with these couples wear ideas from our great Fashion Merchants, nobody is going to glare or mock at you and your partner’s failure to dress like normal people!

Couple Watches

Simple, subtle and cool. Depending on the watches that you are wearing, watches enable you to exude the highest degree of sophistication and elegance, whether sporty and candid. The watch that you wear paints a picture of your character and that speaks volumes when both you and your loved one wears the same watch. It tells a story of your relationship!

You do not have to be wearing a watch that is specific to your gender. It all depends on the watch that you and your partner select! 

Couple Shoes

Walking with your partner hand-in-hand, with your congruent kicks leading the way is probably the best way to peak your relationship’s ‘cool meter’. If you and your partner are sporty and trendy, this works the best! Perhaps you could put aside dressing opulently and eloquently and instead be clad in clothes to match your sneakers. It is neither too striking nor is it offensive to the eyes of strangers. So you do not have to worry about judgemental eyes running through your dressing!

Matching Pendant Necklaces

This one’s easy. If it fits you, chances are, it’ll fit your loved one. A pendant is much more meaningful because unlike watches or shoes, the only constraint that it has comes from the fact that it needs to be connected to a string to be worn around the neck. Hence, the design of the pendant could almost literally represent your relationship. Also, a necklace is not solely for ladies. Some necklaces are made for guys! Find one that is unisex or alternatively, DIY it!

Couple shorts

Why match your top when you can match your bottoms? Match your shorts by wearing the same colours! Wearing couple jeans isn’t attractive enough (since jeans are staple wear); wearing long pants would look too normal and boring. The very essence of couple wear is to become a mobile exhibition in communicating the fact that you are in an intimate relationship with the person you’re with! Shorts are great examples of clothing that reins in attention without the unwanted public scrutiny. So don’t be afraid to go crazy with matching shorts! 

Couple Snapbacks

Alright, listen up. Let’s get slightly serious for this one. Snapbacks can be a hit or miss fashion statement, especially if done on a couple scale. If you mess it up, it can crash and burn and you’d be the worst dressed couple apparel of the year. However, if done well, your relationship is probably going to be the big thing on the streets.

Only baseball or basketball teams designed on the snapbacks should be permitted.If you do not want to be laughed at in the streets, suppress that desire for cute snapbacks!

Couple Baseball Jackets

Here’s where the cute couples can get some fashion action. Instead of the icky “Him” and “Her” printed strikingly on tees that are immensely disparaging to the eyes, wear baseball jackets to emanate an adorable, lively mood to the style. There is a mark that couple should not cross when planning for best couple wear and baseball jackets remains firmly within the stated boundary.While varsity jackets were made trendy and adorable due to pop-culture and commercialization.

Couple Wayfarers

Here’s where your relationship can easily emulate Hollywood’s awesome celebrity couples. Wear couple wayfarers. Sunglasses are the quickest ticket for anyone to look classy, charming and glamorous. Imagine both you and your partner wearing them! It’ll be twice as alluring. Many people underestimate the role that sunglasses play in the fashion scheme and tend to overlook how they can augment their dressing style. A little trial and error at the nearest optical shop will most definitely go a long way in deciding which sunglasses fit you and your partner.

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