Cross-border e-commerce helps the humen clothing (domestic foreign trade enterprise transformation, a total of development

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-04
E-commerce is already very popular in domestic, we will consider to buy something on the Internet to see is there any preferential oh, while others may focus on some products first, wait for his price down again to buy, it will save a lot of money oh, perhaps this is also the network brings us convenience is great, for the domestic e-commerce market is already very mature, so to speak, so now we are turning to international electronic commerce and trade, a move that is inevitable, due to cross-border e-commerce this new product, a lot of places and a lot of people also want to go first to eat crab, after all, if is ready they these pioneers must also have varying degrees of success. National cross-border trade e-commerce service pilot work in zhengzhou. The General Administration of Customs said in start-up conference, deputy director of Shanghai, chongqing, hangzhou, ningbo, zhengzhou five cities with good economy and foreign trade, have the requirement of cross-border e-commerce service pilot. The five cities through the first try, relying on the electronic port construction mechanism and platform advantage, realizes the electronic commerce enterprise of foreign trade and port management departments of business collaboration and data sharing, to solve the bottleneck problem of cross-border trade e-commerce development. Cross-border trade e-commerce service pilot, six stocks are expected to soar. Humen clothing under the condition of the booming domestic electricity development, also won't miss the cross-border electricity this cake, have appeared in recent years several major cross-border electricity market, humen vigorously introduce know both science and technology, market and knowledge of the innovative talents, LingJunXing entrepreneurial talent, make youth science and technology represented by college students entrepreneurial powerhouse; Full implementation of the preferential policy of personnel training, strengthen the electric business enterprise management personnel and professional and technical personnel electricity three teams construction; Construction talents apartment complexes and creative space, dedicated to electricity price sale enterprise talents, build up talent reward incentive mechanism, perfecting the urban construction of form a complete set, to promote the efficiency of public service and image shaping force, intensify efforts to improve the working environment, living environment and development environment, form talent accumulation effect. Three collision is build communication platform, 1 to 2 with high social influence, cross-border electricity industry awareness of local BBS and exhibition activities, create a good atmosphere. Humen clothing is not only to make the brand in the domestic, but also to play a piece of heaven and earth in the world.
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