Cup type activated carbon mask features introduced

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-22
The cup type activated carbon masks used the word is not much, what would be called cup type mask? Actually name from the shape of this mask, the mask to a gray small bowl. But what is this mask other performance? Today I introduce you to active cup type mask. The characteristics of activated carbon cup type mask 1. Choose high efficacy strong adsorption of activated carbon cloth manufacture, effectively block low toxic gas, screening good organic gases and odor, dust filter fine 2. Activated carbon masks of the exhalation valve mechanism. Adapted to the high temperature, high humidity, high hot place, more suitable for the manual workers wear. 3. Four layers structure, surface for the PP fabric, non-toxic, tasteless, no allergy, no stimulation, breathable performance. 4. Choose permeability is better elastic ribbon or contain no latex rubber band, suitable for all kinds of face use scope is introduced: applicable to chemical chemistry, chemical agents, solvent cleaning, repair car, spray printing, printing ink, oil, oil refining, cutting, polishing, more suitable for the subway tunnel operation, a chisel cave, tunnel, mining, coal, construction industry, foundry industry, grinding the pharmaceutical industry, polishing, grinding, cutting, the collapse of the project, crushing homework, disinfection in the environment and the environment with bad places.
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