Datong fang clothing wholesale clothing wholesale market in guangzhou city of guangdong province

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-15
Guangzhou city clothing wholesale city of datong, fang, based on the gathered one hundred business base line 13 and lead the world dress tide a-de way two big economic mature business circle, around 13 line, guangzhou garment city of the People's Republic of China, very popular day clothing wholesale city, beautiful clothes city clothing wholesale market such as standing, advantageous geographical location, perfect the developed traffic network. By the strong Hong Kong developers with hin real estate development co. , LTD. , guangzhou building, innovative professional orientation, market of rare resources, thematic exhibition trade type, Japan and South Korea fashion apparel trade platform attracts the world's top fashion brand. Datong 26 floors, 3 floor underground commercial building construction. Including and datong, datong fang clothing wholesale city commercial building exhibition hall office building, covering an area of 5, 800 square meters, a total construction area of 46000 square meters. Mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of fashion clothing. Datong datong fang clothing wholesale city and commercial buildings including datong commercial building hall office, multi-functional facilities, is in one of the few comprehensive resource platform. Main function planning: - minus one floor 6th floor for fashion clothing stores and food service function area. Minus 2 - 3 / f large underground parking garage and unloading area. At present, more than 13 lines of clothing wholesale business circle wholesale market have been adjusted and transform, as a new landmark DE business circle of datong fang, with the new look to show in front of the world, the theme distinctive high-end clothing business, innovative service facilities, with the fashion trends, advanced service gravity makes the star business circle, become the DE clothing business circle onslaught of new work. Datong fang's upgrade, is responding to DE business circle development work. The datong fang clothing wholesale city held and fall 2011 fashion conference, is both a chance to improve their comprehensive strength of datong fang, also for the whole DE business circle build the good contact with the outside world and the exchange platform. With autumn fashion conference ended, and the harvest of sale fashion brand, datong peak hit DE fang clothing wholesale city business circle. Bus route: DE sun: 4 61 road, 823 road, 82 road 8 night 16 road night night 6 road 33
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