Deal with all kinds of occasions dress fashion wear by law

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-02
Hong yu garment processing, customized services to provide clients with dress. Now let small make up to you a few tricks of fashion wear dress rules, not only meet the dress code of working time, also can deal with various emergency situations. Spring breath more strong, and for workers, to work to make a working girl darling, thinking of meimei private party from work, so how to wear, let your bright eye in the crowd? With focus on the following dress processing small make up take a look at the moist person demonstration collocation method, perhaps can give to you slowly. Bull-puncher skirt itself leisure traits though not particularly suitable for too formal dress, but choose the right style also can do is tie-in, taking on design choice get a department has the most recommended design of the waist, or choose the tannin color dress can. On the color selection, brunet department design is more stable. Dress shirt dress is the most suitable for work, design choices can pay attention to the design of the shoulder and waist line, can help you to modify the hand line, single wear or collocation line unlined upper garment folding can be. If feel too formal, as far as possible on the choice of accessories is given priority to with monochromatic department contracted style. Predominantly black and white ash monochrome dress is concise and easy also easy to match, not only can work with a suit, batch line unlined upper garment can have a sense of affinity. If one can choose to wear the specific details of the item of feeling, such as local hollow or solid dress, elegant and feminine.
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