Domestic garment industry mining potential to share all the way 'area'

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-31
Relationship between consumers and producers are refactoring, clothing manufacturers to master new clothing consumption characteristic, make the corresponding adjustment and change. Guide the new consumption trend is a shortcut to seize market, meet the consumer demand diversification, personalization, become the fashion mainstream, will be conducive to accelerate upgrading consumption structure. “ Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Planning advice emphasizes the development, manufacturing & other; Manufacturing power & throughout; To rise to the national strategy, the implementation of 'made in China 2025' is a major proposition, establishing a new system of industry, therefore, & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; A big period is referred to as the is by the China textile industry textile powers decisive phase shift. Clothing textile industry is important symbol, is the focus of industrial upgrading transformation. In the process of China's transition from a big textile industry textile industry power, clothing manufacturing can completely reshape the value of opportunity, and in the new environment of new vitality. Excess capacity corresponding to the high inventory, management innovation ability is weak, leading to homogeneity, the single point of single product business profit structure change, the future with the further development of channel flat, the profit space also will be more and more small, these questions are need to transform the real, high quality of garment industry upgrade to solve it. Development momentum, expand the development of new space, enhance the level of science and technology innovation, and build a new industrial system, is the clothing manufacturing industry is an urgent need to solve the problem. Senior fashion critic tian told this reporter, he thinks that the traditional pattern of large industrial production suddenly facing a personalized consumer market reform, there is no way to adapt, will inevitably produce inventory backlog, many brands are in the process to the weight of the capital chain rupture. Everyone is looking for a new development direction, some brand to custom class production, to market production. Such as underwear brand & other; City beauty & throughout; , on the premise of not completely abandon the mass production of precise positioning lower-tier cities, circumvented the high-end market may produce the backlog of risk, with good price to attract consumers, has won a very good living space. Peak sport products co. , LTD. , chairman of Xu Jingna Xu Jingna told reporters & other; We have to move towards the world now, find the breakthrough from? ‘ One Belt And One Road & rsquo; Is a breakthrough. ‘ One Belt And One Road & rsquo; Along the country and China is a very friendly country, frequent economic and trade exchanges. At the same time & lsquo; One Belt And One Road & rsquo; And just to our history and culture, so & lsquo; One Belt And One Road & rsquo; Is our good chance to expand the international market and realize the win-win both sides, the carrier is also very good. ” Peak as the leading brand in sport clothing industry, also in the industry layout, to speed up the internationalization in advance & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Along the national trademark registration, based on good quality and technology innovation, develop overseas market also get attention and the protection of the local government agencies. In addition, the peak with Iran, the palestinians, Lebanon and other national sports team and international cooperation the international influence of peak is a lot of ascension, the scene of the 2014 World Cup basketball game, the Chinese elements, elements of peak everywhere, for the Chinese sports brand go out and laid a good foundation. The central proposed, moderately expand aggregate demand at the same time, focus on structural reforms to strengthen the supply side. Past demand side unilateral model caused by excess capacity, high cost, low output efficiency of production factors, now want to change the direction of thinking, how to find a way to from the supply end, improve efficiency, tap potential and create more effective demand on the supply side. As urban and rural residents income than they did in 2010 to achieve the goal of doubling of, our country clothing consumer spending at least $750 billion of incremental space. At the same time, urbanization rate increase, the gap between urban and rural areas will also drive the domestic textile expand consumer demand. A large number of migrant workers and other permanent population migration to urban resident, this part of the population will drive more than billions of clothing consumption increment, One Belt And One Road, western market development will provide sufficient amount of elimination space for Chinese clothing manufacturing.
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