Domestic PM2. 5 respirator forthcoming protection rate is as high as 99. 99%

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-05
China's independent research and development, 99. PM2 99% protection. 5 mask, will be in chongqing international investment and global sourcing meeting starts, the price of each mask around 20 yuan. This is a reporter from the recently held in chongqing green intelligent technology research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in water treatment engineering technology center of the ceremony for the establishment of the news. It is reported, the institute of membrane technology and application engineering center has developed can block 0. 33 micron ultra fine particles of air purification filter membrane materials. As deputy director of the center for wei said that this kind of material to 0. 33 micron ultra fine particles of withholding rate is as high as 99. 99%, related technology at present in the domestic advanced level. When the fog haze weather and urban pollution has become an important factor affecting the quality of life, many citizens have wear a mask, in order to reduce the PM2. 5 to the human body. However, as with wei said that at present the majority of cotton yarn on market masks are difficult to block 2. 5 micron fine particulate matter, surgical masks can block 5% ~ 10% 2. Fine particulate matter under 5 microns. Even if is the new on the market all kinds of PM2. More than 5 respirators, also can withstand is 50% ~ 60%. Ren to wei told reporters that the research and development of membrane materials is the microfiber, only a few tens of nanometers, equivalent to one over one thousand of a human hair, fiber and traditional material about tens to hundreds of microns. 'So, wear masks like this don't breath, comfort is very good. ”
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