Don't exaggerate bragging about doing this dress with goods

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-06
As a clothing shop owner looking for a good supply of goods is known to all, some people think that I can brag about it to pick up goods, so may the businessman will give me a good price, so a lot of people think this works, although sometimes works, but with more than the number of times everyone know what is this, that definitely won't work, so you still according to their own actual conditions, the take how many goods can say what words, also avoid doing busywork and wasted everyone's time result also can not get good price also. All kinds of people have actually, have the person think of their own value for high may have better effect, so everyone will look at you, so there are a lot of people always say when taking goods own go cargo, a month can sell how many goods, oneself has how many stores and so on, think businessman heard these will give you cheap price, not too much big indeed able to get a good price, but the premise is you have the quantity, that you have to listen, but you there is always a quantity in stock, some people say I blow first, when the purchase quantity is little, merchants ask why when I said I'll take some back for trial, this reason is reason, there may be a merchant can give a good price, but I think is generally can't get a good price, the amount is the premise of a good price. You pick is not a relationship of cooperation, if you hold a cooperative attitude to talk about, think to get a good price that is a right, then you will have been looking for the goods in the state, into the cargo if sell well without replenishment, you replenishment quantity is small when the businessman is seen through your little trick, also won't give you the original offer, you may also find some excuse, but the businessman may insist that you have a quantity according to the preferential benefit price, when you are anger not replenish onr's stock? Still crustily skin of head to replenish onr's stock? But I think a lot of business will be the first time you purchase when they can't give you a discount, if you have to listen some people don't eat this, so you are not a wasted effort. The scheme also don't know where it was learned, I think although sometimes work, but take the goods you seek truth from facts, have quantity when their business will give you a discount, so not is better?
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