Don't let money become clothing business at a loss

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-04
Everyone is hoping to make money doing business, so a lot of people there is no good taking goods control, some people are according to the number of receiving, so better is opposite bigger, will be in a lot of goods, once some people may think this should be such a big sales into so many goods ah, what to do if sales are not that into so many goods, this is not to dig a hole yourself? Everyone could see the point of view of things is not the same, and can produce such problems. Today saw a story, there is a person want to in the clothing season gets a, so they invested heavily back 50 Wan Yuanjin a large number of goods, in fact more sufficient yourself everything is ready, just don't own a lot of goods to the local taste, clothing sales have no imagination of so good, but overall still have profit, is only found in the end of the season and most of the goods have not sold, that'll have to find stock traders to negotiate, and see if I can put their own goods to return, after consultation merchants agree with half price recovery of his clothing, as a result there are almost 300000 of goods can only be so let merchants recycling, and their original and made tens of thousands of dollars, married ordeal rather lost money, so it's not yourself digging pit? Stock is so convenient now, even if want to rock can also partial time replenish onr's stock, so reduce the pressure for their own. For merchants also won't have any losses, but also white earned more than 10 difference, and have them come back, even low price to sell next year that will also have profit to earn. Purchase this problem is still has the larger learning, you may be in the want to get more goods for discount will be more big, had not thought that if the preferential sales problems that can offset the pressure of the inventory, I'm sure is not enough, the extent of preferential affirmation is not too big, along with the advance of our purchase way, that we want to catch up with the ideas of, some people think that small batch purchase uneconomic, but for most people it is also an advantage, he can according to the different reasons to adjust the frequency of purchase, even bad for some clothes pin also won't appear a lot of backlog.
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