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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-18
The weather gets cold, down jacket sales into the peak season. Recently, shijiazhuang city pledges inspect bureau to the city's plush products, warm clothing manufacturing enterprises to carry out the supervision and inspection, found that the down jacket on the market the good and bad are intermingled. The agency released QianJianSuo consumption reminds, the consumer, down jacket when the choose and buy must see downcontent general with 70% and above is preferred. Many consumers in the choose and buy down jacket, only the styles and ignore other elements. Shijiazhuang city pledges inspect bureau QianJianSuo law enforcement officials said, to buy down jacket is necessary to have a look at the down jacket and downcontent label RongLiang, how much is the height and filling RongLiang because downcontent, directly affect the volume of down jacket and warmth retention property. Down jacket downcontent is generally at 70% and above is preferred, especially downcontent at 70%, has prepared down the necessary volume and heat preservation performance, is also the best use of feather resources, in accordance with current world saving, environmental protection concept. Less than 50%, according to a standard clothing downcontent cannot be called a down jacket. Also, note down the tank or lining should have the performance of the drilling pile, such as found in the down jacket fabric or material surface has the obvious plush silk drill, in May after drilling pile, but a small amount of soft silk from the sewing seam drill is a normal phenomenon. Permeability is also down jacket is an important indicator of choose and buy, consumer can use both hands pinch down jacket on the back, to squeeze the air down jacket, such as difficult to squeeze out, means that the fabric permeability is poor, if you can squeeze out slowly, has certain permeability. Individual companies in order to make the fabric don't drill pile, add a layer of airtight film, this drill down not to come out, but down jacket is airtight. Such as coats of permeability is poor, it is the consumer in the process of wearing the water vapor is not easy to send out, easy to cause wet and feel uncomfortable, 2 it is not easy to dry after washing, the above two factors will make the down under the condition of be affected with damp be affected with damp and different degrees of metamorphism, smell bad. Law enforcement personnel reminds, when buying a down jacket to pay attention to see whether all kinds of tag is complete and clear. Found on the market at present the individual down jacket on downcontent, deliberately mark & other; MAO content & throughout; 90% - 70% or & other; Duck feather contains quantity & throughout; 90% - Only 10% - 70% range, the actual downcontent 30%, make consumers mistakenly thought & other; Downcontent & throughout; Is 90% - The purpose of 70% to deceive consumers.
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