Dress processing and OEM, ODM garment processing production process planning

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-02
Foreign trade clothing factory production schedule & rarr; Production preparation into the factory inspection & textiles face rarr; Technical preparation & rarr; Play version & rarr; Test plate sample & rarr; Sealed samples & rarr; Make to do process files & rarr; Cutting & rarr; Sewing & rarr; Confirm the first article ( Wash the first cylinder) Planning is the first function of management. Clothing enterprise internal division of labor is very fine, collaboration is very tight, any activity is inseparable from the other department, so we need a unified plan to direct business activities of each part. Clothing enterprises according to the customer order and the demand of the market, the number of products, quality, cost, delivery time suitable production plan, plan period tasks at the same time also will be implemented to the day ( Or time) And more specific departments, workshops and individual. Garment enterprises will have plans to implement sex is bad, sometimes have gap between the actual production schedule and plan, in fact, before the production plan, there are some preparation work need to pay attention to. Dongguan garment factory sexy/bifurcation, backless accept waist pure color pleated dress 1, planning the overall balance of the overall balance refers to the correct processing plant production activities of the various factors of production, various professional plans and the proportion of the relationship between each production link, making them connect each other, coordinate with each other, promote each other, the most economical factory predetermined plan goals. Plan the overall balance of mainly includes the following contents: production and marketing balance: the balance of the factory production and market consumption. For balance: production factory production task and the balance between face, accessories supply. The balance of production: production tasks and production capacity, the balance between capital and labor, production process on the yield and the balance between process requirements. The balance between the indicators: clothing product order quantity and the balance between production, clothing production, the balance between quality and surface, material consumption, etc. Dongguan city garment factory in Europe and the new bow tie belt splicing dress 2 hitting scene, before the preparation of production planning, production planning need according to the requirements of the clothing products orders ( Or process single) , prepare the following work: the analysis of the product: the product decomposition garment piece, decided to all kinds of noodles, auxiliary materials, and material sources were determined. Determine the sequence of processing: analysis of product processing process combination order, prepare a list of the process flow. The determination of operation methods and operation time, decided to use each process equipment, tools, methods, and determine the batch conversion time and processing time. Want to learn more about foreign trade clothing ODM, Europe and the United States women's clothing OEM, dongguan foreign trade clothing processing, clothing OEM processing, the bud silk dress factory processing advice please attention & other; Hong yu garment & throughout;
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