Dressed for Success or a Hot Mess?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-11
Growing up, I was always taught to wear a slip when I wore a skirt or a dress of some sort. I think that has been so ingrained in me, that I remember one day one of my female co-workers making a comment about me wearing a slip with a skirt with lining in it. I told her that I even wear slips under jean skirts. Well, yesterday, I was about to put on a beige colored skirt for church service and I wasn't sure if my slip was with me or if I'd left it at home. I didn't know what I was going to do without it because the color of the skirt was so light and all I could think of was someone being able to see right through my legs when I was in the sunlight because I did not have a slip on. I was even going to change my whole outfit, although I was already running behind time and did not have the extra time. Well, I found one, although it was a white one and not a black one. I still felt that someone could see through it, but I felt a sense of comfort knowing that I at least had one on. To me, being able to see through my clothes at what's under there is rather low. As a highly educated and professional, single woman, I feel that I have a certain standard to uphold and I always want to move up higher, so I try my very best to represent myself professionally at all times, in my dress, but especially in my behavior. I know I've only talked about slips so far, but Friday, I had an issue with my panties. I mean, I had a pair of jogging type pants on and cotton underwear and I felt that my buttocks were shaking too much as I walked, so I kept my shirt pulled down every time I stood up to walk. I decided then that I will purchase some control top underwear real soon. In the past, I've cut off the bottoms of worn out pantyhose and used the control top to wear over my panties. I see too many women walking around shaking. I truly do not think that is a formula for success, but actual a hot mess. I also remember when I was a young school child how my teachers dressed. Some of the teachers of today are certainly not good examples to the young minds that they are with for 6 hours of the day. I see more cleavage than ever. First, how can we tell the young girls to pull their shirt up or drop the hemline in their skirt if the teachers are dressed like they are headed for the club instead of the classroom? Not to mention what the young men see to get their experimental hormones flowing. I just don't' understand how a lucrative profession has become such a low down dressing occupation.
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