Dressed in clothing factories introduction to foreign workers

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-24
We all know that clothes dress collocation is to have cultured, people of different professions to clothing wearing also is different. Such as foreign personnel, clothing factories think this group is the age the young white-collar gens, dress up, all is a handsome young man. They is a faithful follower of fashion and brand, so, choose design and color of suits are freedom and diversity, mainly have Italian double-breasted suit, and tends to three button style. Their colorful shirt color, yellow, blue, pink, the recent pop up black, may be related to play & quot; Cool, white shirt instead of less. Leather shoes is multifarious, thick bottom, head of the wide, are all famous brand. Tie is more casual, in casual reveal. Handsome boys who most people like to buy brand clothing stores or high-end shopping malls, change garments according to the season and one will go to buy, in order to keep up with fashion trends. , of course, some people would choose the salary is not high discount or change garments according to buy bargain, because they also know that fashion is like a steam, turned around and will be back, and some things are not outdated, as long as the elaborate collocation, with a novel and taste, is a kind of fashion. There is a handsome young man, wearing a yellow shirt in a navy suit, tie, coupled with the orange bottom appears very strange, and others don't feel abrupt, but there is a love to him, because he looked more like a mere boy.
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